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Human Cannonball is featured on DCP's summer playlist. Human Cannonball is featured on DCP's summer playlist.

DCP Summer Sampler Free Download

By Kyle Melton, Benjamin Dale, Gary Spencer and W.C. Ruffnel

Human Cannonball is featured on DCP's summer playlist.

Human Cannonball is featured on DCP's summer playlist.

With summer already kicking down spring’s door, it only seemed fitting that the DCP music staff would come together to create a mixtape for your summer adventures. Courtesy of music writers Benjamin Dale, W.C. Ruffnel and Gary Spencer, and Music Editor Kyle Melton, this summer sampler provides a stylistically diverse cross-section of what’s currently going on around Dayton for your aural pleasure. Check out the commentary below and visit to grab all these goodies for free….

Human Cannonball
“King Tangerine”
Let’s Be Friends
Earlier this year ,the recently rechristened Human Cannonball completed work on their new album entitled Let’s Be Friends, which is slated for release later this year on Misra Records. Led by gifted tunesmith Jesse Remnant [who also serves as bassist for Southeast Engine] and featuring members of Shrug and the Rebel Set, HC deliver a perfectly sunny pop nugget with “King Tangerine” that will be an excellent companion for the summer sun. -KM

Electric Banana
“Johnny’s 1957”
Odds & Ends
Dredging the waters of the tragically overdone 1950s teen-scream dance queen big beat, Electric Banana transforms what could easily be the most overplayed modal in existence into an amazing synth-laden sock-hop. Twenty-somethings in skinny jeans will knock their ballet flats against Vans slip-ons, and guess what? It rules. -WCR

“Like Nails”
Horlet is a Dayton-based, thrash/melodic, death metal band putting out fierce yet tuneful headbangin’ tracks on par with nationally known contemporaries. Comprised of local metal music veterans, Horlet formed in 2009 with their sights set on creating new and exciting music that breaks the implied metal subgenre rules and emerges with a style that sounds fresh and familiar at the same time. -GS

Paige Beller
Don’t You Dare
Paige Beller, lead singer and guitarist for the all-girl punk band Jasper the Colossal, is set to release a solo album, Don’t You Dare on July 2. The attitude is somewhere between Elliot Smith on a sunny day or Tegan and Sara at their darkest. Beller’s voice will give you goose bumps and the loneliness of the record only reminds us that her pain is ours too, but we don’t have to bear it alone. -BD

“L’Ange Ex Terminateur”
Future Feedback
Aperiodic is a mysterious, free jazz influenced, noise rock trio that’s been lurking in the Dayton music shadows for more than 10 years. Consisting of band members that have lived in Dayton and beyond, the band occasionally gets together to record and perform a random live gig or two; and when they do, it’s an exciting spectacle of strange instrumentation and total disregard for formal song structures and performance. -GS

Giant Claw
“Parallax Border”
Midnight Murder
“Parallax Border” is a swirling, Floydian synthesizer work-out noisily creeping into serene, cloud-like atmospherics, whilst retaining lo-fi aesthetics. Recalling either Vangelis’ “Blade Runner” or Giorgio Moroder’s “Midnight Express” soundtracks, this is perfect for your pretentious space party. The stoners will smile ecstatically and the purple-dreadlock-guy no one knows will remain transcendental. -WCR

Motel Beds
“Western Son”
Sunfried Dreams
With “Western Son” the Motel Beds deftly harness their myriad influences into a deliciously hypnotic concoction, fusing doo-wop vocals, surf guitar and shoegazer drone into an undeniable pop treat. As the band struts with effortless swagger, vocalist PJ Paslosky’s falsetto-driven challenge to destroy your world seems all too enticing. -KM

Buffalo Killers
“Huma Bird”
The Gabbard Brothers are back with this single from their most recent EP, also to be included on their upcoming 3rd record. “Huma Bird” is exactly what we’ve come to expect from Buffalo Killers: lyrical mastery, classic rock guitars and tight, Neil Young harmonies. This song is a catchy epic, and we find the bearded buffalo brothers at their most mysterious. -BD

Bringers of Disease
“Doomed to Flames”
Gospel of Pestilence EP
This Dayton-based black metal quintet has been garnering a lot of positive press for their nationally released debut EP, Gospel of Pestilence, but it ain’t mere hype – Bringers of Disease’s gnarly, gut wrenching guitars and wild, shrieking vocals are peppered with rockin’ good hooks and exceptional songwriting. The future looks ironically bright for these dark metal warriors. -GS

“Sticks and Stones”
Fields on Fire
Wheels, the teenage bluegrass quartet from Yellow Springs, just celebrated the release of their new album, Fields on Fire. Sticks and stones, blood and bones, the harmonies pull you away from the grind, and beckon you join them on the next train bound for nowhere. Metaphorical, meditative and mature – their new record will convert the stragglers and skeptics alike. -BD

Abertooth Lincoln
“Brenda Hampton’s Jizz Jacket”
Live In This You Fucking Roaches
Dayton’s best musical misgivings seemingly always choose a synthesizer and dischordant guitar to ride into battle. This trend remains unbroken in the blistering “Brenda Hampton’s.” These LSD punk-prog warriors dig deep into the metallically-tinged psychedelic pantheon of recent and then shit on it. This is where the Locust can get off. -WCR

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