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This one’s for the boys By Caroline Shannon-Karasik   Remember this past July when the Internet was set ablaze by the guy who made a spreadsheet detailing all of the reasons his wife declined sex? For those of you who need a refresher, it goes a little something like this: An unnamed man put together […]

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Debate Forum: 08/26

Birth of Prostitution

Should prostitution arise from the underground? By Alex Culpepper Illustration: Mike Lester First and foremost, one must accept the definitional difference between human sex trafficking and consensual prostitution in for the purposes of this week’s debate. No person should be coerced into, or participate under duress, an act of prostitution. This week’s debate question is […]

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Conspiracy Theorist

Governments are packed with perverts by Mark Luedtke   NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden recently told The Guardian reporters NSA agents pass around naked pictures of people they spy on, like you. WebProNews provided the full quote: “The reality of working in the intelligence community is that you see things that are deeply troubling – all […]

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On The Beat

‘The talk’ by Jim Bucher When my colleagues at Dayton City Paper informed me a while back they were putting together another Sizzlin’ Sex issue, I was a bit perplexed. I mean, when you think of me, the words “sizzlin’” and “sex” don’t exactly come to mind. But, as a father of two girls, you […]

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On the beat

Genie, you’re free By Jim Bucher As I write this column, news is breaking of comedian Robin Williams’ death by suicide. But why would the actor/comedian take his own life? He struggled with addiction throughout his life and recent revelations Williams was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease adds more questions than answers. But the news was […]

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Conspiracy Theorist

Welcome back to sunny Iraq By Mark Luedtke President Obama finally got his wish: he dragged the U.S. back into war in Iraq. Of course, that isn’t what the president who promised, “if you like your health insurance plan, you can keep it,” says. The Associated Press quoted the president, “‘As commander in chief, I […]

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Debate Forum: 08/19


Forum Center: Waiting for death might be cruel and unusual punishment By Alex Culpepper The Eighth Amendment is part of the Bill of Rights, the first 10 amendments to the U.S. Constitution. Part of this liberty insurance was protection from cruel and unusual punishment, and the country had good reason to include this portion of the amendment […]

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Caroline Shannon-Karasik’s AfterGlo

Five ‘healthy’ foods that aren’t so healthy By Caroline Shannon-Karasik As a gluten-free gal who regularly talks about the subject, I have the pleasure of meeting so many different people from all walks life. The spectrum of people is varied, including those who are interested in learning more about a gluten-free lifestyle, and those who […]

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On the beat

Buch, all over the map By Jim Bucher It’s time for my views and observations from around the valley. So, as the old movie line goes: Buckle up, it’s going to be a bumpy ride. City of Dayton leaders I know we had other pressing issues – not sure what those were – and some […]

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Conspiracy Theorist

The U.S. disease factory By Mark Luedtke Americans have been fooled into believing government and the health care system it controls prevents and cures diseases. Heck, the CDC’s full name is the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, so it must be true. But the Health Wyze Report made an important point: “While some practicing […]

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Jes McMillan’s Mosaic Institute

_M9A0817 - Bill Franz

by Bill Franz Photo: The Mosaic Institute serves artists at 43 S. Main St. in Miamisburg; photo: Bill Franz Most artists […]

Vitality Check: 6/21/16


Sometimes we’re just blowing germs By Rocco Castellano You go to the gym, restaurant, local coffee shop or bar and […]

Tinker, tailor, sculptor guy


Landon Crowell ‘alters’ time and space at YS Arts Council By Terri Gordon What do beeswax, maple branches and an […]

Vitality Check: 6/14/16


The dangerous game of preventing pregnancy By Rocco Castellano So I got a call from a friend of mine that […]

Spring into comics


Comic culture in Yellow Springs By Josher Lumpkin The village of Yellow Springs is a quaint college town that manages […]