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Debate Forum 01/07


Debate Center: Texas court seizes Fourth Amendment issue By Alex Culpepper  Illustration:Dayton artist Elliot Ward.   Normally, the police cannot just come to a house, walk in and begin searching for evidence, even if a person has been suspected of a crime. Under the Fourth Amendment, the police need probable cause and a search warrant, […]

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Caroline Shannon-Karasik’s AfterGlo

Cut the gluten-free crap  By: Caroline Shannon-Karasik’s One of the largest misconceptions that gets sent my way by people who are interested in a gluten-free lifestyle is: “But gluten-free is healthy, right?” Wrong. Sure, a gluten-free lifestyle can be healthy. But merely choosing gluten-free foods is not the one and only step in accomplishing a healthy […]

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Conspiracy theorist

The great global warming fraud kills people  By: Mark Luedtke   Five years ago, Al Gore declared the North Pole would be ice-free by Saturday, Dec. 14, 2013. Anybody with half a brain had a good laugh at Gore’s clown show and dismissed his prediction. That prediction has now been falsified, like we all knew […]

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On the beat


The Y2K-Kid/Pett Project continues  By Jim Bucher   Photo: The Y2K Kid – Josie Pett of Miami Township Josie Pett turned 14 years old on Wednesday. Now, why is this a big deal, you ask? Well, it’s because 14 years ago Josie was the first baby born, as far as we can tell, in the new […]

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On the Beat

Christmas decorations – Part Deux By Jim Bucher Depending on when you’re reading my column in the Dayton City Paper, let me cover all the bases – If you’re reading it before Christmas, well, by all means, have a Merry Christmas. If you’re checking it out after Christmas, I hope you had a good one. […]

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conspiracy theorist

School-to-prison pipeline feeds the police state By: Mark Luedtke  A lot of people get upset with me for calling government schools “prison schools.” Those people, like parents who send their children to government prison schools, must have their heads in the sand.Russia Today – ironically a more reliable source of U.S. news than the U.S. […]

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Caroline Shannon-Karasik’s AfterGlo

You, plus E and a C makes three By: Caroline Shannon-Karasik’s Go ahead and admit it: Your triple chocolate ice cream just tastes better with a gooey fudge brownie plopped on top. I’m not gonna judge ya. The truth is some things really are meant to be together. Like chocolate and peanut butter – always a […]

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Debate forum 12/10


Debate Center: Company seeks new name for anonymous blogger: Defendant  By Alex Culpepper   Illustration by:  Dayton artist Elliot Ward The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is in place to protect people who speak or publish criticisms of government, other people, businesses and so on. It protects opinions that may make people feel awkward, angry […]

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On the beat


In sync with Synergy Incubators By Jim Bucher  Photo: Working at Synergy Incubators; photo: Dolce Photography Hey, have you guys heard of Synergy Incubators? What? You’ve never heard of Synergy Incubators? Wait, for cryin’ out loud, I’ve never heard of Synergy Incubators. So, we’ll all learn together. It sounds like a “Sesame Street” episode, but Synergy […]

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Caroline Shannon-Karasik’s AfterGlo


Healthy on-the-go  By: Caroline Shannon-Karasik’s It’s that time of year when hopping on a plane or hitting the open road is a necessity for holiday travel. But whether you are visiting friends or family, or escaping the cold for a tropical vacation, it’s important to keep your healthy ways in check – no matter the season. […]

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Jes McMillan’s Mosaic Institute

_M9A0817 - Bill Franz

by Bill Franz Photo: The Mosaic Institute serves artists at 43 S. Main St. in Miamisburg; photo: Bill Franz Most artists […]

Vitality Check: 6/21/16


Sometimes we’re just blowing germs By Rocco Castellano You go to the gym, restaurant, local coffee shop or bar and […]

Tinker, tailor, sculptor guy


Landon Crowell ‘alters’ time and space at YS Arts Council By Terri Gordon What do beeswax, maple branches and an […]

Vitality Check: 6/14/16


The dangerous game of preventing pregnancy By Rocco Castellano So I got a call from a friend of mine that […]

Spring into comics


Comic culture in Yellow Springs By Josher Lumpkin The village of Yellow Springs is a quaint college town that manages […]