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On the Beat

Waynesville + Sauerkraut = Tons of fun  By Jim Bucher  Don’t you love humble beginnings? Case in point … Many, many years ago two gentlemen by the names of Kettering and Deeds decided they were weary from starting their automobile engines by turning an impractical hand crank on the front of the car. So, together […]

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Caroline Shannon-Karasik’s AfterGlo

Dating and the body image blues  By: Caroline Shannon-Karasik’s There’s no doubt about it: Dating is hard. What’s more, the rigors of finding that “special someone” can sometimes take a toll on one’s self image. In particularly blue moments, some gals and guys begin to question their self worth: “Am I not good enough?” “What’s wrong […]

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Conspiracy Theorist

Shut the government down for real, please  by Mark Luedtke  If you believe the government-controlled media, what I call the accomplice press, the sky is falling because the government shut down. Nothing could be further from the truth. Imagine how wonderful life would be if government really did shut down. No more U.S. soldiers would […]

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Conspiracy theorist

Robbing Peter to pay Good Sam by Mark Luedtke   Dayton is in a general state of decline as the people struggle to overcome the looting done to them by government at all levels. Even the Oregon District, despite the city shutting down competitive bars all over town, does significantly less business than it did […]

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Caroline Shannon-Karasik’s AfterGlo

New gluten-free standards By: Caroline Shannon-Karasik’s Listen up, ladies and gents: I’m all about breaking the rules when it comes to a healthy diet. Sure, I love my green smoothies and veggie-packed salads, but I also like to get down and dirty in the kitchen with a few “naughty” ingredients. (Triple chocolate cake, anyone?) But, when […]

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Debate Forum 10/01


Debate Center: The Affordable Care Act has a day in court  By Alex Culpepper  Illustration:Dayton artist Elliot Ward   Sometimes when news turns to issues of religious freedom, it involves the Catholic Church. In most cases, the problem centers on the church facing a challenge to their religious positions in the form of an employee who has […]

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On the beat


What happened to chivalry?  By Jim Bucher   According to Wikipedia, the online, open-forum encyclopedia – thought I’d sound hip saying that instead of, “According to my Encyclopedia Britannica in book form on my bookshelf” – the word “polite” means “having or showing behavior that is respectful and considerate of other people.” The word “courteous” […]

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Debate Forum 09/24


Debate Center: Perfection in simplicity or rare delicacy? Illustration: ElliotWard    By Alex Culpepper   Somewhere deep in the shadowy past of humanity, someone discovered the starchy, wet grains sitting in the corner of a mud hut rendered a mushy drink that left him or her relaxed, tingly and euphoric. This unlikely genius further found he or she […]

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Caroline Shannon-Karasik’s AfterGlo


Gluten-free beer  By: Caroline Shannon-Karasik’s Once upon a time, not too long ago, the pairing of the words “beer” and “gluten-free” was somewhat of an oxymoron. People who had celiac disease or a gluten intolerance were forced to forgo their favorite alcoholic beverage and opt instead for wine or hard cider. But who pairs wine with […]

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Conspiracy theorist

Drunk driving laws make roads less safe  by Mark Luedtke  Security expert Bruce Schneier said Americans need to relearn how to assess risks and their costs: “We’re afraid of risk. It’s a normal part of life, but we’re increasingly unwilling to accept it at any level. So, we turn to technology to protect us. The […]

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Vitality Check: 6/21/16


Sometimes we’re just blowing germs By Rocco Castellano You go to the gym, restaurant, local coffee shop or bar and […]

Tinker, tailor, sculptor guy


Landon Crowell ‘alters’ time and space at YS Arts Council By Terri Gordon What do beeswax, maple branches and an […]

Vitality Check: 6/14/16


The dangerous game of preventing pregnancy By Rocco Castellano So I got a call from a friend of mine that […]

Spring into comics


Comic culture in Yellow Springs By Josher Lumpkin The village of Yellow Springs is a quaint college town that manages […]

Vitality Check: 6/7/16


Say ahhhh, cough and…happy birthday By Rocco Castellano Maybe I’m just getting a little more sensitive in my old age… […]