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On the beat


Sexting through the ages By Jim Bucher  Well, It’s the Sizzling Summer Sex issue in this week’s Dayton City Paper.What exactly does that mean? I made a quick phone call to our fearless leader, Owner and Publisher of DCP, Paul Noah, to get the lowdown.“Paul, it’s Buch,” I said. “Oh, hey there. What’s up?” Paul […]

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Debate Forum 08/06

Signe cartoon Signe01e NSA

Debate Center: Has the government blown the whistle on the whistle-blowers?  Illustration by:  Signe WilkinsonBy Alex Culpepper Bradley Manning released for publication to WikiLeaks several official documents about the United States’ actions in the Iraq and Afghan wars, as well as detainee files from Guantanamo Bay. Manning now faces sentencing after a military court found him […]

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Conspiracy theorist

Hope for Americans against the Spy State  By: Mark Luedtke  Al Qaeda recently busted 500 prisoners – including senior al Qaeda leaders – out of two prisons in Iraq. The Taliban freed 248 prisoners from a prison in northwest Pakistan. The Pink Panther jewelry heist gang has broken three members out of three Swiss prisons […]

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On the Beat


Bucher vacation revelations – Part 2 By Jim Bucher   Photo:  The Buchers on vacation at the Hollywood Bowl  Ok, if you were here last week – in this very same spot – you know that I’m writing about my vacation with my two teenage daughters to visit my brother in California. If you need […]

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High art in Dayton


Art on the Commons at Fraze Pavilion By Leo DeLuca Photo: Browse the selection of prints at Art on the Commons at Fraze Pavilion on Sunday, Aug. 11; Photo: Thom Meyer  Art on the Commons Fine Arts & Fine Crafts Festival is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. The exceedingly popular event takes place at Kettering’s […]

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Debate Forum 07/30


Debate Center: Local school district gives principals extra authority By Alex Culpepper   Illustration by: Monte Wolverton Since the December 2012 shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut, the issue of allowing armed teachers in schools has been a national debate. It has also been an Ohio debate leading to three school districts in the state passing […]

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Conspiracy theorist

Rolling Stone works for the FBI By: Mark Luedtke  If you believe the mainstream media, Rolling Stone really messed up when it put a flattering picture of alleged Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on the cover. He, along with his older brother Tamerlan, killed by police in an alleged shootout, is accused of killing three […]

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On the beat


Bucher vacation revelations  By Jim Bucher   Photo: Sophie, Chloe and Jim Bucher traveling to sunny California When Dayton City Paper Editor Kyle Melton asked, “Hey Buch, what’s your next article’s topic?” I said, “Gonna write about my trip to Calfornia, but we haven’t left yet.” He responded with, “Well, how do you know anything fun […]

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Caroline Shannon-Karasik’s AfterGlo


Heavy in love By: Caroline Shannon-Karasik’s  It happens to the savviest of health aficionados: You fall in love and at first you are sure to keep your bod lookin’ hot for your new fling. But then, you get past the googly-eyed stage and you slip into the comfortable one. You know, the one where sexy underthings […]

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Debate Forum 07/23


Debate Center: The DUI checkpoint that became a checkpoint on constitutional rights  By Alex Culpepper  On July 4, Chris Kalbaugh, a 21-year-old college student, drove to a DUI checkpoint in Rutherford County Tennessee. He was armed with a camera, and he covertly filmed his experience at the checkpoint. He later loaded the video on YouTube, and […]

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Debate Forum: 8/23


For rent Can Ohio’s national park be “leased” for drilling? By Sarah Sidlow Quick quiz: name the only national forest […]

On The Beat: 8/23

Roadside fruit stands, where art thou? By Jim Bucher Think the older you get, the more nostalgic. Guess it’s all […]

On Your Marc: 8/23

No character like McVie By Marc Katz I know, there were iconic entertainment groups that played early in their careers […]

Debate Forum: 8/16/16


For the love of the game Olympic athletes have big dreams, but empty wallets—Should the government step in? By Sarah […]

Debate Forum: 7/19/16

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Sit down, G.I. Jane Should women be blocked from registering for the draft? By Sarah Sidlow U.S. Rep. Warren Davidson […]