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Caroline Shannon-Karasik’s Afterglo

The (un)healthy salad By Caroline Shannon-Karasik You probably didn’t think it existed, right? Unhealthy salad? Huh? The truth is, the term “salad” can be spread a little thin. Pop into a local restaurant and you’ll find “salads” laden with french fries, dressings high in fat, too much cheese, croutons and other common salad toppings that […]

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Debate Forum, 5/28


Debate Forum Center: Wedding bells will ring if Ohio passes same-sex marriage amendment By Alex Culpepper Not that long ago in this country, it was illegal in nearly every state for people of the same sex to have sexual encounters. Law enforcement routinely attempted to stop the activity, but events like the Stonewall Riots in New […]

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Conspiracy Theorist

Gays should be careful what they ask for By Mark Luedtke Because government is a coercive institution, every action it takes divides people into winners and losers. It used to be if one person wanted to buy a fuel-efficient car, they did so freely and were happy about it. If another person wanted to buy […]

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Debate Forum, 05/21

Illustration by Sam Rhoden

Debate Forum Center: Club owners feeling the heat about late-night violence By Alex Culpepper Dayton residents Charles W. Bell III and Keenan Hall made the news recently, but it’s the news no one likes to hear. They were killed in a late-night shootout in the parking lot of Heat nightclub in Huber Heights. Because of that tragedy, […]

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Caroline Shannon-Karasik’s Afterglo

Small changes, big results By Caroline Shannon-Karasik Go ahead and take baby steps toward the life you always wanted – you just might score big. So, you’re a Type-A, balls-to-the-wall, over-achiever, huh? I hear ya, dude. Me too. In fact, if my parents had only known that when they were choosing my middle name, then […]

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Back on the beat with Jim Bucher

Summertime film fun By Jim Bucher With the theatre season winding down at the Victoria and Schuster Center, it’s now time to heat things up for the summer with some cool films back up on the big screen where they belong. Yes, the Cool Films Series is back at the Victoria with some of Hollywood’s […]

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Conspiracy Theorist

False flag attacks in Syria By Mark Luedtke Months ago, President Obama threatened that if the Syrian government used chemical weapons against its own people, it would invite direct U.S. retaliation. Pat Buchanan characterized Obama’s statement, “Foolishly, [Obama] put his credibility on the line by warning that any Syrian use of chemical weapons would cross […]

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Conspiracy Theorist

This isn’t democracy – it’s worse  By Mark Luedtke Dayton’s rulers suffered an historic defeat at the polls Tuesday, May 7. I knew the people of Dayton were fed up with the long time status quo, but I didn’t know it was this bad. Only 9,869 people voted in the runoff election for mayor. That’s […]

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Caroline Shannon-Karasik’s Afterglo

Managing body image By Caroline Shannon-Karasik We’ve all met them. They’re the over-achievers who take on life with an all-or-nothing approach. “Healthy living” means no sugar, wheat, caffeine, alcohol, animal products or morsel of cake ever again. A Monday is greeted with, “Today’s the day I will start my new healthy lifestyle.” Tuesday is filled […]

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Law and Disorder

Your rights as a worker: Their rights as an employer By A.J. Wagner The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) requires employers to post, in a conspicuous place for employees to see, a notice of rights for workers. The notice tells workers the following: Under the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA), you have the right to: • Organize […]

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Jes McMillan’s Mosaic Institute

_M9A0817 - Bill Franz

by Bill Franz Photo: The Mosaic Institute serves artists at 43 S. Main St. in Miamisburg; photo: Bill Franz Most artists […]

Vitality Check: 6/21/16


Sometimes we’re just blowing germs By Rocco Castellano You go to the gym, restaurant, local coffee shop or bar and […]

Tinker, tailor, sculptor guy


Landon Crowell ‘alters’ time and space at YS Arts Council By Terri Gordon What do beeswax, maple branches and an […]

Vitality Check: 6/14/16


The dangerous game of preventing pregnancy By Rocco Castellano So I got a call from a friend of mine that […]

Spring into comics


Comic culture in Yellow Springs By Josher Lumpkin The village of Yellow Springs is a quaint college town that manages […]