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On The Beat: 10/11

The house on the hill by Jim Bucher   Ions ago during my Channel 2 feature reporting days, it was wonderful for a hometown boy telling hometown stories in his hometown. Can I use the word “hometown” anymore in a sentence? I miss those days because there is so much to share, but the gang […]

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On The Beat: 10/4

Taking flight Air Force Museum Historian Jeffrey Underwood departs By Jim Bucher He’s an unassuming, quiet warrior. Humble, but a task master, getting the job done and then some. We all knew someone in school like this gentleman, one who gets an assignment and, before you know it, completes it with time to spare. The […]

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On The Beat: 9/27

Sculpting a local legacy by Jim Bucher So, it’s true. You do learn something new every day. Well, at least the subject of this column is new to me. Let me explain. As a kid, I always looked forward to a trip downtown to the main library branch. I’m old enough to remember when it […]

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On The Beat: 9/20

My love affair with Tipp City By Jim Bucher If you’re a regular reader of my column here in Dayton City Paper, pretty sure you’ve figured me out. I love to write about anything and everything local, most times positively, with some occasional rants, and hopefully some humor thrown in. I’m a big local history […]

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On The Beat: 9/13

To vote or not to vote? That is the question By Jim Bucher Well, this certainly has been a little different. If this is your first election, trust me, it’s never been like this before. On one hand Nov. 8, 2016, is historical as we either elect the first woman president or a first-timer with […]

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Dale Huffman, behind the byline

By Jim Bucher First, I hope you know me by now. I was on TV here for almost 25 years and am celebrating three years writing for Dayton City Paper, and I try to keep my stories positive, for the most part, with maybe a rant or five. With that said, I would never speak […]

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Montgomery County Fair

Memories then and now By Jim Bucher As the dog days of summer approach and the cicadas make music in the muggy August air, it’s a sure sign that our hometown fair is upon us. Yep, the 164th edition of the Montgomery County Fair is this week, Aug. 31 – Sept. 5. You know me, […]

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On The Beat: 8/23

Roadside fruit stands, where art thou? By Jim Bucher Think the older you get, the more nostalgic. Guess it’s all a part of the aging process, but while writing my memories of Hara column about the closing of the iconic venue and how it all began with a fruit stand, I got to thinking… are […]

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On The Beat: 8/16

Politics and potpourri By Jim Bucher My late, great dad offered lots of advice throughout his 77 years, some of which still resonates in the old noodle today. A little alarm bell goes off anytime I even think of my father’s solid advice commandments. “If you want to destroy a friendship fast, never, ever loan that […]

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Hats off, Hara

Hara Arena hosts its last hurrah Aug. 27; photo: Jim Bucher

By Jim Bucher What is it about a place that conjures up so many memories? As a born-and-raised Daytonian, it’s always tough to see a piece of your personal past disappear. Too many times I’ve reported on the demise of a local company. It seems never-ending. So, you can imagine the heartbreak this past Friday […]

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Dear Ella, a love letter

The Bucher household always had dogs. Of course, I don’t remember our first pet because I was sort of little, but I do have pictures to back it up.
There was Tuffy, and later Tuffy II, both Boston Terriers.
Chevy and Chase, a couple of mutts, showed up at our door one day and immediately adopted us.
Then, Tinkerbelle the Boxer lived almost 16 years. If you’re a canine lover, you know not long enough. 
Cut now to 2016, and my French bulldog, Ella, is my current best friend.
She’s all white, 16 pounds of non-stop energy, always greeting me at the door or near my feet at all times. 
I’ve written in these very same pages before about her, and the unconditional love we receive from our four-legged friends.
Oh yes, my daughters have cats, though you know a cat isn’t anything like a dog – meaning cats are on their own terms. You want to hold one, but they’re not in the mood. If you get comfy on a couch, that’s when the friendly feline uses your body as a bed. It’s when they say so.
I would never play favorites with my kids, but cats and dogs…different story.
Going on the record to say Ella is the 
chosen one.
Googling life spans of Frenchies was pretty dismaying. They’re somewhere between 10 and 12 years—that’s in human years. Wish I wouldn’t have looked. 
Ella is now 8 going on 9, and in the back of my mind, I dread the day “it” happens: the final trip to the vet. 
This conjures up vivid memories of the last go-around with our Boxer. She was suffering a myriad of health issues which made it palatable to “do the right thing,” even though my selfishness to keep her around by “all means necessary,” almost got the best 
of me.
I can imagine you folks out there, who’ve been through it, know it is not fun to see your companion, take his, or her, last breath. It’s something burned into the human hard drive of memories you want to forget, then can’t.
It’s a damned-if-you-do or damned-if-you-don’t scenario. Should I leave the room or stay? Do I witness the procedure of humanely putting her down or wonder the rest of my life how it went?
I’m telling you, it’s the most difficult decision ever. 
Now, some out there would call me crazy, but you dog lovers know exactly what I’m talking about. The bonds, the loyalty and love are equaled by none. NONE!
So now, as Ella approaches her senior years, thought I’d take this time in Dayton City Paper’s Pet Edition to pen a love letter to my beloved. 
Many times we don’t share how or what we really think of someone until it’s too late:
It’s your human daddy here. Want to thank you for all the great years we’ve shared. Don’t know how I would have made it through without you. It’s been a challenge sometimes, though, with what seemed like a losing battle—potty training. 
And as a puppy getting into everything, you shouldn’t have included yummy cat treats from the litter box. 
There was the time of a communication breakdown, when we ended up injecting you twice with a vaccination that swelled you up like a Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade balloon. 
There were great walks we’d take and your fearlessness toward any dog no matter what size, all to protect your master.
Every 20 feet marking your territory with a little spritz and scratching the earth beneath to show others who’s boss.
The crazy thing you’d do at the top of the basement stairs. Dropping your ball, so I’d pick it up and play.
All you did your entire life was to please me.
When I was lying in bed ill, you were there by my feet, or just plopped your butt next to my legs, as if to say, “Life is gonna be fine.” 
The burger we’d share coming from the vet or groomers, for being a “good girl.” 
The time you took on three dogs in the front of the house, their owner flailing and tangled in a twisted mess of leashes.
There’s more, but you get it. You are the greatest friend ever. Even when your owner comes home in a bad mood, you’re ready to please.
“Thanks” is not enough. 
Know this: I will be the best daddy the rest of your days. 
Here’s to many more hamburgers, walks, and territory marking.
Love you, my friend.



by Jim Bucher The Bucher household always had dogs. Of course, I don’t remember our first pet because I was sort of little, but I do have pictures to back it up. There was Tuffy, and later Tuffy II, both Boston Terriers. Chevy and Chase, a couple of mutts, showed up at our door one […]

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On The Beat: 7/26

Who ya’ gonna call…again? By Jim Bucher OK, I’m the first to admit  I  wasn’t really big on a “Ghostbusters” reboot. It wasn’t the female cast, but rather “how dare they even think about touching one of my all-time favorites.” It amazes me how fanatic fans get so hyped-up over a movie. Theatregoers dressed as […]

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On The Beat: 7/12/16

Fire cracking me up By Jim Bucher I know, I know, by the time you’re reading this the 4th of July will have been over a week ago, but I’m writing my column on Independence Day eve. And the bombs are truly bursting in air. I feel like Francis Scott Key sitting in my garage […]

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On The Beat: 7/5/16

Um, go ask mommy By Jim Bucher   If you had or have kids, then this question I’m sure has come up. It did with me, but more on that in a bit. I recall in the not so distant past my own experiences wondering about the “birds and the bees” with my parents. It […]

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On the Beat: 5/10/16


Local Browns backers brainstorm a motivational movement By Jim Bucher Cleveland Browns fans are a hearty bunch. No matter what happens on the field, which hasn’t been too positive for a long while, they support their team. Fair weather fans are few and far between. Laney Baldwin is case in point. The Dayton area resident […]

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On the Beat: 4/19/16

Alcohol versus pot: the debate continues By Jim Bucher During a recent conversation with my boss/publisher Paul Noah on the alcohol versus marijuana debate, he asked, “Why do fights break out at Metallica concerts where copious amounts of alcohol are consumed and at a Phish concert, more the cannabis crowd, many babies are born nine […]

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