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Conspiracy 9/11: Toxic Masculinity Targeted

Breaking news: CBS CEO Leslie Moonves remains unsuspended for sexual assault. Unless you live under a rock, you’ve heard Ohio State University head football coach Urban Meyer was suspended for three games, after already being suspended during training camp, for something related to domestic violence. But Meyer was not accused of misbehavior. He was accused […]

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On your marc 9/11: On Track

Her name is Mona Lott and she used to speed skate and figure skate and dance on skates and had a desire to participate in Roller Derby when other parts of life got in the way. She married young, had three children, worked and a year and a half ago, jumped back on track, so […]

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Debate 9/4: I wanna be a pole dancer


Schoolteachers need to be aware of their “public” conduct because it may have an effect on their job longevity. The phrase “public conduct” appears in Kandice Mason’s employment contract because she’s a sixth-grade North Carolina schoolteacher. She’s also a single mom with strong credentials including a master’s in psychology, a B.A. in English, and a […]

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A critical preview


This year marks a decade that I’ve been attending the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), and as I began my highly anticipated annual process of constructing the perfect screening mixtape, I discovered a creative coincidence. The 2018 edition of this celebrated festival has captured a collection of talented visionaries returning to the scene of their […]

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on your marc 9/4: Still Popular, still banned

I saw Pete Rose the other day, wandering the mean streets of Dayton, looking for a place to place a bet. Okay, no, I didn’t. Actually, I did see a form of Rose, the real one, the Hit King and Bet Prince. I saw Brian Dykstra, an actor playing Pete Rose, and doing a darn […]

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Don’t be cruel to this heart of mine


Whether or not an inmate deserves to die is not in question here. For the moment, this debate is based on the premise a court of law found that person guilty and sentenced that person to die. How the death penalty is carried out by the various state jurisdictions in this country continues to be […]

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Conspiracy Theorist 8/28: Unnatural Disasters

It’s official. Power has finally been restored to everybody in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria last fall. MSN reports, “More than nine months after Hurricane Maria struck, the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority is reporting that it has restored power to 99.9 percent of its customers.”

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On Your Marc 8/28: A way to play, and serve

He was like any other 17-year-old high-school senior, playing football, contemplating where he might go to college, considering his future—all when he probably needed more research.

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Debate 8/21: What’s the solution for kids who steal?


Debate Center: Tasered 11-year-old girl stuns Cincinnati public By David Landon The question of when it is appropriate to use a stun gun on a child is in the news after an incident at a Cincinnati supermarket. Recently, an 11-year-old girl, who Cincinnati police say was shoplifting from a supermarket was shocked with a Taser […]

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On Your Marc 8/21: Beyond the Field

Donnie Evege’s myriad of accomplishments By Marc Katz Let’s not confuse the issue here. Donnie Evege did not enroll at Ohio State to learn how to become a motivational speaker, a philanthropist, a book author,or an astute businessman. He went to play football, and athletes of his ability often focus on the playing side while […]

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Conspiracy Theorist 8/21: Coordinated Attack

Alex Jones was the victim of a political hit. YouTube (owned by Google), Apple, Facebook, and Spotify all removed content originating from Alex Jones and his InfoWars site on the same day, in an obviously coordinated attack. We’re supposed to believe this was the result of leftist lobbying from the likes of CNN.

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On Your Marc 8/14: Meyer in the mire

I am not at all concerned about Ohio State football. Who’s going to go there and lose, especially if you slide the one-year interim reign of Luke Fickell out of the equation? Woody Hayes won .761 percent of his games. Earle Bruce stood at .755. John Cooper was at .715. Jim Tressel was at .810 […]

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Debate 8/14: Instant guns cause a stir


Q: Should the sharing of 3D printed gun technology be illegal? The latest round of debates between the gun rights vs. gun control crowds has taken on a decidedly technological direction. The new battleground is over the legality, as well as other public policy questions, surrounding the use of a 3D printer to create functioning […]

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Conspiracy Theorist 8/14: Hot, humid, and dishonest

The global warming frauds finally got what they wanted: a hot spell over most of the northern hemisphere. To listen to them, you would think this has never happened in history, but of course it has. The Earth was warmer during the Medieval Warm Period and when Jesus Christ walked the Earth. It was warmer […]

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On Your Marc 8/7: Off the beaten path

Thank you Fort Wayne TinCaps and San Diego Padres. The TinCaps, under the direction of the parent Padres, have traveled a scenic route outside the box. I could not offer heartier congratulations. This all goes back to the stories I’ve heard and written about Woody Hayes taking his Ohio State football teams to road games […]

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Conspiracy Theorist 8/7: Done with Musk

Elon Musk has surpassed P.T. Barnum as the world’s most famous barker. Part showman, part clown, and all snake oil salesman, there is nothing he won’t exploit to make himself richer. He is the poster boy for how to become a billionaire while his companies lose billions, much of it paid for by taxpayers.

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Debate 9/11: Let’s Make Tammany Hall Great Again

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Third Parties have long complained that having the two major parties in charge of the election process gives Republicans and […]



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