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Reunion, continued

1-Auburndale - June 2018-9

When you’re from a small town or city, it can be magical to find something that totally captures the essence of where you’re from. It’s like the perfect gift you weren’t even expecting in the first place. I think that’s how the native Dayton band, Auburndale, connected to its followers when they began performing their […]

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Mick Blankenship is the new voice behind a familiar face. He’s been the singer/frontman for several cover bands over the years, including War of Change from 2011 to 2016, mostly performing songs by hard rock/metal bands such as Stone Temple Pilots, Seether, Godsmack, Papa Roach, Avenged Sevenfold, and so forth. He has the strong stage […]

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The 411 on 311 and Offspring

Two of the ’90s most notable live rock bands, 311 and The Offspring, are teaming up to bring their Never-Ending Summer Tour to the Rose Music Center on Sept. 4. As an added bonus, they’re bringing along special guests Gym Class Heroes.

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Don’t dodge this draft


Dayton band The 1984 Draft is set to release their new album, Makes Good Choices, their label debut for Dayton-based label Poptek Records. They will host an album release show at South Park Tavern on Saturday August 25 with Cincinnati’s Carriers and Unmonumental from Athens sharing the bill. Led by vocalist/guitarist and longtime fixture of […]

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Creed’s lead at Speed(way)


Scott Stapp has been making music since the early ‘90s, first with the band Creed then as a solo act. Along the way, he has developed a devoted following with his writing and singing talents. He’s also had his share of rough spots during what he calls the journey of life, which he discussed with […]

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No fools for this city


There was a time when blues-based rock, and the bands that played it, ruled the American music landscape. Every semi-major city and town had a record store and guitar shop. Music acts like Bad Company, Free, The Who and ZZ Top blazed a path of scorched earth from one arena to the next. And in […]

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Modbilly Comes to Franklin


For a self-proclaimed “accidental” actor, Billy Bob Thornton is enjoying the fruits of small and large screen success. As a kid, he wanted to be a musician. In his younger days, Thornton spent time working as a roadie and assisted acts like the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and Johnny Paycheck. The jobs let him be […]

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New alternative rock beats on old stomping grounds


There is a first time for everything. This time it’s the first year for a psychedelic new wave of alternative rock, punk, and indie rock, rolling through virgin bucolic farmland with all the excitement and anticipation of a blank canvas. The Bellwether Music Festival debuts on the same grounds occupied by the Ohio Renaissance Festival […]

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Gratitude is the attitude


Fans who get tickets to see JJ Grey & Mofro August 10 at Rose Music Center at the Heights are likely to see a version of the band that’s a bit less unpredictable with their show than in years past. Where earlier outings generally found Grey mixing up the set list from show to show, […]

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A Cincinnati band’s positive message


There’s more than enough negativity in the world today, in my opinion. Turn on the nightly news, check in with your preferred social media platform, or pick up the latest issue of your favorite magazine—does anyone still do that?—and you’re likely to find mayhem, chaos, anger, and sorrow galore, right at your fingertips. What has […]

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Just a Rock and Roll Band

web_2-Collective Soul - Joseph Guay

When Collective Soul and 3 Doors Down were booked to co-headline a tour this summer, it brought together two bands that Collective Soul singer/guitarist Ed Roland feels have plenty in common—including an elusive quality that gets to the core of the music the two bands make. “You know, they’re Southern boys, like us. We have […]

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Sixties hit-makers are Happy Together


In 1959, Dick Clark launched his “Caravan of Stars” tour in which a variety of singing stars of the day would travel from city to city by bus, doing sold-out shows for the bobby soxers and teenyboppers. Soon after, dozens of imitators launched “package tours” of various combinations playing ballrooms, theatres, county fairs, and so […]

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Channeling the best of the ’60s


Picture a tidy house in a suburban neighborhood, on the surface one that fits in with all the neighbors. Adults. Homeowners. Parents. Employees. Salvadore Ross is made of these. “In 2016 we were struggling to find an appropriate fit for a bass player,” says guitarist Kyle Byrum. “Scheduling or talent was always the problem.” Drummer […]

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Nothing but a good time


Bret Michaels is everywhere these days. He’s the face of Life Rocks, a foundation that raises money for diabetes (Bret was diagnosed as a child). He had a product line with PetSmart called Pets Rock. He’s done reality TV (and won Celebrity Apprentice). He hocks candles on his website. He does guest spots on TV […]

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The Cult, Stone Temple Pilots, and Bush at Rose

CULT 2016 Tim Cadiente-2

“Rock and roll never forgets,” the classic rock song goes, and Billy Duffy, guitarist and founding member of the British rock band The Cult, definitely remembers the whole thing. And with his band’s current “Revolution 3” summer package tour selling tickets in 21 cities all across the country, Duffy is obviously excited about going out […]

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The 22-year strong original lineup


O.A.R. has reached its 22nd year as a band doing something many acts that manage to last two decades don’t achieve. This group from Rockville, Maryland, has reached this milestone without a single change in its band lineup. “What some people might not know is that a few of us had actually been playing together […]

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No Jet Engines Here


The very first thing is to learn how to pronounce it. No rhyming with the home of Baylor University in […]

Debate 9/11: Let’s Make Tammany Hall Great Again

cartoon cmyk

Third Parties have long complained that having the two major parties in charge of the election process gives Republicans and […]



No music and arts festival would truly be complete without… wrestling, right? Well, this year at Ladyfest Dayton, buckle down […]

Lives-in-progress, demo-style


Right from the start of this Jesse Peretz adaptation of Nick Hornby’s novel Juliet, Naked, there’s something warm and unfinished […]

Are ‘Friends” Electric?


Gary Numan’s Savage return to form at CVG’s Bogart’s Gary Numan with daughter Persia, who sings on the new single […]