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Aspects and Angles


A well-curated, stimulating sculpture exhibition sparks a conceptual whirlwind requiring a delicately precise, structured experience that invites the opening of the eyes and minds of attendees and fellow artists alike. Rosewood Gallery’s 12th Annual Height-Width-Depth (HWD) Exhibition sets the stage to accomplish exactly such an abstract, intriguing and thought-provoking event.

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But cut the grass first


Yellow Springs has long embraced artistic expression as a way to bring people together. The village itself is a mecca for creativity. While summer cookouts will be dotting the lawns of the Midwest, this August will mark the 35th annual Art on the Lawn Festival in Yellow Springs. The AOTLF will host 100 new and […]

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Springfield’s hidden gem


Referred to as an American Folk Art site, I didn’t know what I expected on my journey to Springfield’s Hartman Rock Garden. Although it may not be correct to call it a hidden gem because people have been coming from all over the world to see this place for years. Its proximity to Dayton made […]

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Destination Yellow Springs


Glen Helen Happenings Glen Helen Nature Preserve has several special programs planned this month:  What in the world is a raptor? A raptor, or bird of prey, is any one of several species that hunts and feeds on rodents and other animals. Do you know how fast a peregrine falcon can fly? Are owls really […]

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A Monument to Insurrection


Dayton Society of Artists’ special summer exhibit Alan Pocaro, The Distance Between Us When We Communicate (Detail) By Tim Smith One of the hidden artistic jewels in the Gem City is The Dayton Society of Artists, located in East Dayton. They are presenting a unique exhibit running through August 4, Project Space. This special showing […]

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Recognizing members

Jason Morgan | MIDNIGHT AT THE OASIS | Acrylic on Canvas

There are many annual customs that have become time-honored traditions. Whether it’s national holidays such as Independence Day or something we’ve come to expect like the Super Bowl, there are certain things we can look forward to each year. One of the traditions those of us in the Miami Valley can count on is the […]

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Art Everywhere


The Village Artisans presents members exhibit Trivia question for artists, particularly painters: What does the acronym ROY G. BIV stand for? For the answer, visit The Village Artisans in Yellow Springs for their newest members’ exhibit. Back in high school science class, most of us learned about ROY G. BIV as an acronym to help […]

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Art remembered


Local artist Willis “Bing” Davis presents Dayton Skyscraper 5 By Emily Kaiser Photo: “Urban Griot” by Willis “Bing” Davis; Photo collage of Daniel Beaty    When my Editor asked me to cover the Dayton Skyscraper 5 African American Artist Exhibition, it was a no-brainer for me. I love art and I especially love and appreciate art […]

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No Jet Engines Here


The very first thing is to learn how to pronounce it. No rhyming with the home of Baylor University in […]

Debate 9/11: Let’s Make Tammany Hall Great Again

cartoon cmyk

Third Parties have long complained that having the two major parties in charge of the election process gives Republicans and […]



No music and arts festival would truly be complete without… wrestling, right? Well, this year at Ladyfest Dayton, buckle down […]

Lives-in-progress, demo-style


Right from the start of this Jesse Peretz adaptation of Nick Hornby’s novel Juliet, Naked, there’s something warm and unfinished […]

Are ‘Friends” Electric?


Gary Numan’s Savage return to form at CVG’s Bogart’s Gary Numan with daughter Persia, who sings on the new single […]