The DCP Sizzlin’ Summer Sex Mixtape

The DCP Sizzlin’ Summer Sex Mixtape

I n keeping on theme for our first annual Sizzlin’ Summer Sex edition, we tasked our music writers to each contribute a track for our own special mixtape. While certainly there is more than one way to reach the palace of delights, depending on your mood and other inclinations, feel free to compile these tracks in any order you see fit to get you and yours in the appropriate mood…

Blood Ceremony “I’m Coming With You”

Toronto coven of dark musical arts Blood Ceremony specialize in weaving an atypically sexy spin on the late ’60s heavy doom metal subgenre. The ace up their collective sleeve is vocalist Alia O’Brien who, in concert, donning black fringe blouses and raven black hair, evokes images of a sirenesque witch who leads those she entrances into the devil’s lair with her slick, cooing voice and flute – kind of like a pied piper leading the flocks to the gates of hell. It’s a black mass and she is most certainly good to go. The voice of darkness and evil has never sounded more tantalizing or attractive.  – Gary Spencer // Photo: Kyle Hansen

LCD Soundsystem  “North American Scum” from Sound of Silver

This summer has been filled with grooves so steamy it’s hard to believe anyone still has their clothes on. From Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” to Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines,” 2013 has had its fair share of dance-worthy tracks. But nobody gets a party started like LCD Soundsytem. The song “North American Scum,” from 2007’s Sound of Silver, ranks among the group’s best work, and it still gets you dancing some six years later. It’s filled with the kind of fun and energy that summer reflects, so turn it up loud and let the beat soak in. –Zach Rogers

Club Girls “I Can Do A Lot” [Single]

 The sexiest song I’ve heard all year besides Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” is “I Can Do A Lot” by Club Girls. Club Girls is the experimental electro-pop project of Brooklyn songwriter Christen Cappello, who creates an off-kilter sound in the same vein as Purity Ring and Sleigh Bells. She recently released her insanely catchy debut single which is highlighted by a pulsating, hair-whipping beat, chirping and whirring gauze-wrapped electronics and, of course, her blissfully sweet and sultry vocals that along with the song’s title, invite the imagination to run wild …   – Justin Kreitzer

Maroon 5 “Secret” from Songs About Jane

 With soul, sweat and an intro that makes you feel like you’re moving in slow motion, “Secret” is one of the most underappreciated cuts from Maroon 5’s debut album. It isn’t just the brooding vocals and not-so-subtle lyrics that make you wish you were Jane, the whole song is oozing with sensuality – from the funk-inspired rhythms to the background vocals by Rashida Jones. With the album’s sleeper-hit status aided by the success of five singles including “This Love” and “She Will Be Loved,” it’s hard to imagine how this track has remained under the radar, but maybe it’s best to keep it a steamy little secret.     –Sarah Sidlow

KIX “Girl Money” from Hot Wire 

 Baltimore rockers KIX released Hot Wire in 1991, the follow-up to their platinum success Blow My Fuse. While Hot Wire wasn’t nearly as successful as Blow My Fuse, the album does feature some of the band’s best-known songs including the ode to strippers, “Girl Money.” With a question and answer format, lead singer Steve Whiteman recants the story of a crazy night of love and lust with one particular stripper, after saving all week for the party. By the end, Whiteman admits the duo was using each other, and neither is ashamed. “Show me yours and I’ll show you mine /What’d you do?/Ordered a bottle of the finest French wine/Where’d you go?/I was heading for Heaven when she took the wheel/She took me to the cleaners, she knows how it feels.”

Also known for the songs “Bump the La-La” and “Cold Shower,” it’s fair to call KIX one of the sexiest bands to emerge from the hair metal ’80s. –Allyson B. Crawford

Washed Out “Feel It All Around” from Life of Leisure EP

 My wife and I once spent an entire August day swimming and, well, frolicking in the Atlantic. It was fabulous. “Feel It All Around,” from Washed Out’s Life of Leisure EP, brings that sun-soaked memory flooding back with its warm colors, chilled vibe and sounds of shimmering light. (Even the drum fills seem to gently rise and fall on waves.) A song of sand, sea and sensuality.  –Benjamin Smith


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