The Docket: 01/13

Dayton’s police blotter, reported verbatim

Researched and reported by Charles Grove

A 35-year-old man was arrested at the main RTA hub downtown after an employee informed officers that someone was trespassing on the property. Officers immediately recognized the man and placed him under arrest as the man pleaded, “Where else was I supposed to get off the bus?” How did officers immediately know the man was trespassing? He’s been arrested by Dayton Police over 100 times for trespassing and other nuisance related crimes and is often seen standing just a few feet from where the property line begins, loitering near the buses.

The sting of rejection
Two males had to call Dayton police after a night of partying at a local nightclub turned violent. A mutual male friend of the two was intoxicated and became frustrated at one of the men because he would not kiss him, nor become romantically involved with him. Getting shot down put the man into a rage as he shoved one of the men to the ground before hitting the other man multiple times with a closed fist. The man now faces assault charges.

It’s a wonderful day in the neighborhood
(1) Officers responded to a possible burglary in progress after a man came up to a woman’s back porch. The woman called police and went to her car. When police arrived, they found the garage door open and a man lying on the ground inside. Officers could smell alcohol coming off of him and asked him where he was. The man said, “Home. This is my home.” Officers asked for his address and he gave an address that was a few houses down but the man continued to not understand the garage he was lying down in wasn’t his house. The man said he had a few beers. He was arrested for trespassing and criminal damaging, since he also tore down the woman’s fence in the process.

(2) Police responded to a complaint from a man who claimed someone was damaging his property. While he was speaking with police, a verbal fight broke out between a couple in the street. Police told the couple to take it inside while the man gave police the middle finger and told them to “fuck off.” After another warning, police arrested the man for disorderly conduct, which then caused the girlfriend to become combative with police as well. Backup had to be called and the man, when finally controlled, had to be brought into the jail by numerous officers.

Police responded to a call about a man waving a gun around at a park. When they arrived on the scene, police found an 18-year-old man with what looked like a firearm. Officers patted him down, disarmed a BB gun the man was holding and told him to sit on the ground while they completed their investigation. The man yelled at officers that the ground was wet, so the police told him to sit against the wall. The man continued yelling at officers telling them he “didn’t give a fuck” if he got arrested. He was then arrested on disorderly conduct and inducing panic charges.

At 5 a.m., officers responded to a gas station where an employee informed officers a man had been in and out of the store multiple times that night. The man had been harassing customers, leaving the store, returning to his car, changing his clothes and then returning to the store to harass new customers. After employees called the police, the man left the scene. However, after spotting the man across the street, officers warned him not to return, or he’d be arrested. The man agreed and left. The same officers were called to the same gas station 29 minutes later and arrested the same man for trespassing.

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