The Docket: 01/27

Dayton’s police blotter, reported verbatim

By Researched and reported by Charles Grove

They always come back…
Officers pulled a U-turn to conduct a stop on a car with illegal window tint. The car accelerated quickly, made a left turn out of sight and then slowed back down after police caught up. After citing the driver for the illegal tint as well as a suspended driver’s license, the three occupants in the car drove away. Officers had noted a trend of drivers throwing drugs from a car when out of police sight. So, police searched the area and found a purse on the ground, which was dry despite the fact it had just rained. Officers camped out behind a tree and, within 30 minutes, the man from the traffic stop rode up on a bicycle to retrieve the purse. Officers surrounded and arrested him.

Carry a big(ger) stick
Officers responded to a complaint about a man yelling in the street in front of a bar and threatening customers. Upon arrival, they found a man yelling and swinging a large stick in the street. When the man saw the police he fled but quickly gave up, tossing the stick. After the arrest, officers spoke to the bouncer of the bar who said he had denied the man entry to the bar because the man’s only form of ID was his prison ID card. The man tried to gain access to another bar but didn’t have money for a cover charge. The man now faces charges for menacing and disorderly conduct.

What not to do
Officers responded to a call about a car parked on the sidewalk with two people yelling at each other. Upon arrival officers were directed up the stairs of the nearby home, and discovered a 23-year-old female passed out in the corner of the doorway. Officers tried to help the woman up, who was intoxicated. She yelled at one of the officers, “Keep your hands off me bitch!” Officers told her profanity wasn’t necessary, but the woman slapped one of the officers across the face. She now faces misdemeanor obstructing official business, resisting arrest and felony assault charges.

You had me at … what?
Officers responded to a call about a fight at a hookah bar. They spoke to a 21-year-old male who told officers after leaving the bar he had been struck in the head with a pool stick and then attacked by three people, leaving a large knot on the back of his head, bruised ribs and scratch marks. Two hours later officers got a call from a woman who said she was the reason the fight broke out in the bar. She said the man who was assaulted had told her if she were his girlfriend he would take her back to his country and sell her into the sex industry. He called her a “bitch” multiple times. Apparently, other men at the bar didn’t take kindly to that.

Who put that there?
Officers observed a 33-year-old woman exit a known drug house. They asked if they could speak to her a few blocks away. She agreed and told police she had just left her friend’s house. Officers asked if they could pat her down for their safety and she agreed. She took an eyeglasses case out of her pocket and told officers she had just picked it up. Officers could tell there weren’t glasses in the case and then asked if they could open it, which she allowed, but was clearly upset. Inside were two needles, a crack pipe, a spoon, a tie off and a push rod. She now faces multiple narcotics charges.

Domestic disputes
Officers responded to an assault at a home. Upon arrival, they discovered a man who had apparently been beaten by his roommate with a baseball bat. The victim told officers his roommate wanted to bring a prostitute over to the house, which the victim disagreed with. An argument broke out and the victim told the roommate he wanted him to leave. The man agreed, but wanted the $65 he had paid in rent. The victim told the roommate he had already spent it. The roommate struck him in the forehead with a baseball bat in retaliation. The man now faces felony assault charges.

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