The Docket: 02/03

Dayton’s police blotter, reported verbatim

By Researched and reported by Charles Grove

Be mine?
Officers responded to a trespassing complaint after a convenience store worker said a woman came into her apartment. The woman had followed the female store worker home multiple times and she believed she was being stalked. While the worker was in her home, the stalker kicked open the apartment door holding flowers, duct tape and lubricant telling the worker they were going to get married whether she wanted to or not. After being thrown out she sent the worker text messages saying, “Things are going to get worse for you.” Officers found her at another apartment nearby and arrested her for criminal trespassing.

Not-so-jolly Green Giant
A 29-year-old woman called police after her 10-year-old son went on a violent rampage throughout the house. The woman told officers she had told her son to eat his vegetables, which triggered the tantrum. The boy went up to the bathroom and started breaking items inside before coming back downstairs, turning over the living room table, throwing DVDs, punching his mother and flipping her the bird. The boy told officers he hit his mom because he was mad.

Officers responded to the emergency room of a hospital waiting area in response to a fight breaking out. Upon arrival officers discovered a 25-year-old female on top of another woman. The 25-year-old was punching the other woman while pulling her hair. When officers pulled her off she continued to swing at the woman with both arms. It took both officers to place her into handcuffs. Once belted into the cruiser she told police, “I’m gonna whoop that bitch’s ass! She is messing with the wrong sister! Yea I did it. I shouldn’t have but I did.”

Can it
A 24-year-old woman called police after a fight with her husband turned violent. The couple, both of whom had recently been laid off, were driving with their infant son in the back seat. While arguing about finances, the husband grabbed the pop can the woman was drinking from, claiming since he bought it, it was his. The woman tried to grab it back, but the man struck her with the back of his hand so hard she started bleeding. He then apparently drove 70 mph down a main road to their destination and fled the scene.

At least you won’t have to share a cell…
Officers responded to a roommate conflict for the fourth time in one day after both female parties claimed the other had attacked them. However, officers found no injuries of any kind. Problems arose when one of the females and her boyfriend purchased cigarettes and the single female wanted one of the two packs. After being refused the cigarettes the woman became irate, screaming and spitting in her roommate’s face. The single female told police the girlfriend and her six-year-old daughter “ganged up” on her and that she was frightened. Officers didn’t buy that story, arrested her and charged her with assault.

Free willy
Officers attempted to pull over a pickup truck that was speeding through a parking lot. After the vehicle pulled off, failing to stop for police, officers went back to the bar to see if anyone knew where he was headed. The man had apparently stolen $10 from a woman inside and fled. Officers found the truck a short time later at another nearby bar and had the truck towed. A man stumbled out of the bar but then turned and walked away. When police stopped him, his penis was exposed.

Common courtesy
Dayton Police had to have an uncomfortable discussion with a man who had been seen urinating out of his second-story bedroom window multiple times by a young girl. After being called to the victim’s house, officers found a yellow liquid in the snow. Police questioned the man who initially couldn’t remember if he had urinated out of his window that morning, but explained his roommate is a very light sleeper and it would be rude to wake her up by using the toilet.

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