The Docket: 02/10

Dayton’s police blotter, reported verbatim

By Researched and reported by Charles Grove

It’s a wonderful day in the neighborhood
Officers responded to an assault call where a 51-year-old woman was apparently struck in the face with a large wooden board after she asked the man in the neighboring apartment to turn off his loud music. Police tried making contact with the man, but the music was so loud police believed he couldn’t hear them knocking. According to the woman, the neighbor describes himself as the “ghetto kingpin” and deals drugs out of the apartment. When the man’s wife let police into the apartment, everyone inside had just woken up, despite the loud music, knowing nothing about the man’s whereabouts.

Conceal and tell
A 46-year-old man was arrested after police were called for the fourth time in two days regarding a man carrying weapons near a school. Police found the man drinking a beer while walking down the middle of the street wearing a T-shirt with “Fuck You” written across it. When police detained the man, they found 11 weapons, mostly knives, and a bottle of Southern Comfort. The man told police, “I don’t fucking believe this!” The man had been previously arrested near the same school for carrying an axe on his belt.

Snitches get Facebook messages
A 39-year-old female called police, which resulted in the arrest of another female’s boyfriend. Things got heated over Facebook as the girlfriend sent threatening messages over the web calling the woman a “nigga” among other threats. The girlfriend also had been seen driving around the woman’s neighborhood. When the girlfriend saw the woman she leaned out of the window and yelled, “I’m gonna whoop your ass you fat cop-calling bitch!” before throwing a rock at the woman.

Have you ever been so drunk…?
Officers responded to a call at a bus terminal about a drunken individual. Upon arrival, officers discovered a 51-year-old man passed out in the grass nearby. Upon being woken up, the man seemed confused and disoriented, and was unable to get his ID out of his wallet. An employee at the terminal told police he witnessed the man urinating onto the bus lane, so police arrested him for public indecency. Furthermore, officers discovered a crack pipe on the man. The man’s blood sugar was so low due to his alcohol intake he had to be taken to the hospital before going to jail.

Never forget a face
Officers working a prostitution sting arrested a 25-year-old female after she flagged down an undercover cop’s car, got in and started discussing what the two were going to do. The woman wanted to make sure that the man wasn’t a cop, so she unzipped the man’s fly and momentarily grabbed his penis. After deciding on oral sex for $15, the woman became nervous, asking the man if she knew him, because he looked familiar. The man told her they had never met but the woman was convinced something was up, and asked to be dropped off. Officers picked her up after and she immediately said, “That was [name removed] wasn’t it?” naming the cop who originally picked her up. The woman has multiple previous prostitution convictions.

You asked for it
Officers responded to a report of a disorderly subject and discovered a 51-year-old man. He had become angry with a woman, and grabbed the neck of one of her kittens and shook it violently. He then put the kitten down and resumed harassing the woman. When officers arrived, they arrested the man for menacing and were in the process of taking him to jail. On the way, the man kept slamming his head on the cage in the car, despite being told police would use a stun gun. He continued to slam his head. Police used a stun gun.

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