The Docket: 02/17

Dayton’s police blotter, reported verbatim

By Researched and reported by Charles Grove

Knock knock!
A 55-year-old man reported being assaulted by a man who entered his home. The assailant was allegedly armed with a wooden baseball bat and struck the victim in the face, causing bleeding and a hole in the man’s upper right lip. According to the victim, who was “highly intoxicated” at the time of the incident, a man burst into his house and shouted, “Hey motherfucker!” before striking the man and running out the door. The man’s mother, who was in the house, said she didn’t hear anything out of the ordinary.

Wait, what?
Officers received a call from a citizen who reported seeing another customer at a gas station drive off after filling up. The hose and gas pump were still attached to the car, which drove all the way down the street. The driver of a blue four-door car apparently pumped 6.716 gallons and then took off down a major street. Officers reviewed the events on surveillance tape and then searched the area but found nothing.

Access denied
A 6-foot-tall male, armed with a scoped rifle, attempted to rob a drive-through liquor store. He was quickly denied by an employee who saw the man enter through the exit portion of the drive-through and head immediately towards the cashier’s room. The would-be robber put his shoulder into the door, but the employee was eventually successful at closing the door on the man.
Usain Volt
Officers received a call about the whereabouts of a wanted juvenile who had gone missing at a local restaurant. Upon arrival, they discovered a young male in a parking lot, matching the description of the missing juvenile, who fled down the street from police. After giving chase and warning the boy they would use a stun gun, the boy screamed, “Nooooooo!” according to the official report. The chase ended near a dumpster where the boy dropped his hands near his pockets. Fearing a weapon, officers used the stun gun. The male then yelled, according to reports, “I’m pissing my pants! Oww! I’m pissing my pants!”

Out of gas, and class
A couple walked up to a gas station at 4:15 a.m. and asked the attendant if they could borrow a gas can, since they had apparently run out of gas. The employee told the couple he couldn’t lend them a gas can but they could purchase one. This angered the female, who began screaming at the employee and eventually kicked the door of the building, breaking the glass. The employee followed the couple and watched them go up to another service station and ask for a gas can but fled before police could arrive.

Let’s handle this like adults
Police responded to a report of an assault on a bus driver. Upon arriving on the scene, the police found a 36-year-old woman outside of the bus pointing, yelling and giving her middle finger to the driver. Police attempted to calm her down and ask her what happened but after a few sentences, the woman went back to yelling at the driver. According to the driver, the woman went to school with her daughter and paced back and forth on the bus berating the driver before eventually slapping her and getting kicked off the bus. The woman now faces assault charges.

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