The Docket: 02/24

Dayton’s police blotter, reported verbatim

By Researched and reported by Charles Grove

Hey, bud
Officers responded to a call about a possible dead body hunched over in a car. When they arrived they found the man to be barely breathing. When the car door was opened officers immediately smelled an overpowering scent of marijuana. Once officers administered narcan, the man awoke but was adamant he has no medical conditions and didn’t overdose. When officers searched the man and his car they found $3,400 in his pockets, over 72 grams of marijuana, a flat screen television and a rolled up single $100 bill. When officers administered a sobriety test the man had trouble performing, telling police, “The ground is all off balance.”

Is Pepsi OK?
(1) A would-be robber was chased down by two citizens, one a store employee, after the 25-year-old woman walked up to the counter with a soft drink, placed it on the counter and then pulled out a box cutter telling the cashier, “I hate to do this to you, but I want every bit you can give me.” After giving her the money the cashier told a male associate what had happened. The associate chased the robber across the parking lot and eventually held her down while another person called for police. The woman pleaded with the man that she would return the money if he let her go before police arrived, but she now faces aggravated robbery charges.

(2) Officers responded to a robbery call at a restaurant. An employee told police a woman had come into the store, gotten a Coca Cola from the cooler, put it back and then came up to the cashier with a note that read, “I’m so sorry… I need all the bills from the drawer/safe.” The employee noticed the woman also had a hammer in her hand. The woman fled after getting the money but was eventually picked up by police. The total cash on the woman included: one $10 bill, two $5 bills and two $1 bills.

Wait, what?
While on patrol at a park, officers noticed a juvenile male they had recently removed from the area after a fight. When the boy saw the officers he took off in the opposite direction. Officers called him by his name while giving chase telling him to stop or he would be arrested. The boy made it to his home before officers caught him. When the boy’s mother opened the door the boy put his hands up and told police “I didn’t do anything!” After he was placed in custody he told officers he ran because earlier in the day he had ridden his bike off a ramp and hit a dog. He feared the owner wanted him arrested.

Just because you have the right to say it…
Officers were called over to a bus terminal and told there were two people causing problems on a crowded bus. Officers told the two, one of them a 35-year-old woman, to step off the bus. The woman began yelling at officers, “That’s bullshit! You are a fucking liar.” and officers told her to remove herself from the bus property. She responded with, “I have my fucking rights to freedom of speech.” Officers eventually arrested her after multiple warnings. During the ride to jail she told officers, “I hope somebody is at home fucking your wife while you are here.”

(Future) Mother of the Year
Officers received a call about a wanted juvenile after a student skipped class to go to McDonalds with some classmates around 9:15 a.m. The wanted female, who is 14 years old and nine weeks pregnant, had cut off the ankle bracelet she had received after being placed on probation. Police spoke to a few of the students who went with the female. They told police they just went with her to make sure she was safe, but police were unable to find her anywhere in the area.


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