The Docket: 04/14

Dayton’s police blotter, reported verbatim

A mirror misunderstanding
Officers responded to a theft report in a grocery store parking lot. Officers spoke to three witnesses who said they saw a woman steal the rearview mirror from one of the witnesses’ cars. The woman then took off in an identical car. Officers went to the address after getting the license plate number from the witnesses and made contact with the suspect. The woman said, “I was driving down the alley and broke the back off my rearview mirror. I called and found that the cost to replace it was $150.” She then told officers she stole the mirror because, “The car was just like mine and I didn’t have money to buy one.”

Too cool for school
Police responded to a school that had been placed on lockdown. They were told a juvenile male student had tried to break out the windows of the building with a two-by-four. Police detained the boy and spoke to the teachers. A teacher told police the student had wanted to go to the “reward area” of the school but was denied. This enraged the student, who began punching the teacher. Multiple teachers intervened, and were also punched and kicked by the student. The boy eventually found a piece of wood and began chasing students before going outside. He faces charges for felony, assault and inducing panic.

Police responded to a gas station on a disturbance complaint. Officers spoke to the clerk who called and explained the situation. She told police a black male had come into the store and asked her what country she was from. She replied that she is Indian, which enraged the man. He started yelling that this is, “why the country is fucked up” and that, “all you foreigners are only good for running shitty-ass convenience stores.” She told the man she was calling the police and the man began striking the Plexiglas barrier. When he left, he also opened the door so hard it slammed into the wall and caused the overhead lights to fall down and break.

Mission accomplished
An officer was sitting in his car helping with pedestrian traffic at an intersection. Suddenly, a man driving southbound toward the intersection veered across multiple lanes, crashing his Mini Cooper into the back of the police cruiser. The man got out of the car and began screaming to the officer, “I’m wanted!” The officer placed the man in handcuffs and asked him if he lost control of his car. The man said, “No. I hit you on purpose. When the sun comes up in the morning you will know why.” The man was transferred for a mental health evaluation.

It’s a wonderful day in the neighborhood
Officers responded to a mental health call. Upon arrival, police were greeted by an intoxicated man holding two cans of beer. The man was upset because he believed someone had been egging his home. Two neighbors, who called police, told the officer they had asked the man to turn his music down but he began screaming at them and accused them of egging his home. The man screamed, “fuck you” and threatened to “kick their asses,” and the two neighbors said they feared for their safety since the man knew where they lived. The man was charged with misdemeanor menacing.

Brick knuckles
Officers responded to a disturbance complaint. The caller met with police in her car, since she had left the area after being attacked. She told police after leaving her home a woman came outside, picked up a brick and told her, “I’m going to beat your ass.” The woman then began punching her car with the brick in hand. The attacker wanted the woman to get out and fight but the driver told the woman she didn’t want to since the attacker was eight months pregnant. Police spoke to the attacker who told police the woman in the car was the actual perpetrator. But after police found a brick on the porch and spoke to neighbors who said otherwise, they decided to arrest the pregnant woman.

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