The Docket: 04/21

Dayton’s police blotter, reported verbatim

By Researched and reported by Charles Grove

Who? What? Me?
Officers responded to a report of a disorderly subject and found one man on the porch of his home and another man lying on the front steps of the home. The resident told police he had come home to find the man on the steps inside his home and was refusing to leave. He told police once the intruder grabbed his arm he punched the intruder and threw him out of the house. When police spoke to the intruder he couldn’t provide police with his name, social security number, birthday or address. On top of that, after each question the man apparently just realized he was having a conversation and would say, “Me?”

Family matters
A 35-year-old woman called police regarding her ex-boyfriend. The woman told police both she and her daughter were receiving text messages from the ex. The woman had an active protection order against the man, who had just been released from prison after a domestic violence conviction involving the same woman. The man also left a voicemail, which included him rambling and then yelling, “I’m smashing and sucking dicks!” If that wasn’t enough, the man was also sending nude pictures of the woman to her relatives. The woman was ordered into the prosecutor’s office to pursue charges.

Would you like violence with that?
Dayton Police responded to an assault call at a fast food restaurant. The two victims and a witness all told police a woman had entered the restaurant yelling at one of the victims. The manager told the woman to leave, which she did. The suspect only got as far as the parking lot, however, when she picked up a glass bottle, stopped the line of cars in the drive-thru and threw the bottle through the drive-thru window. The bottle shattered, causing injuries to the manager’s face and shin. Officers were unable to find the suspect.

Water not hot enough?
A 50-year-old woman made contact with police after being harassed. She told police she was driving downtown toward Dayton from Vandalia so she could testify as the victim in a grand jury hearing. The man she was testifying against saw her drive past him and he followed her. The woman continued driving south on I-75 before getting off and taking a series of turns just to see if he would continue following – and he did. He eventually pulled up next to her at a red light and screamed, “Fuck you!” He’s now facing a victim intimidation charge.

Coulda been worse
Dayton officers were on foot patrol at a bus terminal during their morning shift. While doing their rounds they noticed a 64-year-old man they both knew was indefinitely trespassed from the facility. Officers recognized the man after he walked into the terminal and loudly greeted everyone in the open area, “Good morning everybody!” The man was then stopped by officers while in line for a free coffee and breakfast sandwich. It was determined the man had been banned from the area. Due to his cooperation the officers elected to arrest, but not take the man to jail.

Not my type
Officers met with a 32-year-old woman who called police claiming she was being stalked. She told police she was picking up her son from school and saw the alleged stalker picking up his kid as well. After getting her son she saw the man’s car parked on a side street and as she pulled up next to him he rolled down his window and, “put his fingers into the shape of a ‘v’ and moved his tongue up and down between his fingers.” She then had to speed and weave out of traffic in order to get away from the man, who is now facing a menacing by stalking charge.

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