The Docket: 04/28

Dayton’s police blotter, reported verbatim

By Researched and reported by Charles Grove

Balls of steel
Officers responded at 4:45 a.m. to an attempted robbery complaint. The two female victims told police they were walking through a parking lot when a blue PT Cruiser pulled up very quickly toward the two and stopped. The driver jumped out with a black handgun, pointed it at them and told them to give him their purses. One of the women simply told the man to, “Fuck off.” The male then backed away, got back into his car and took off as quickly as he could.

Case open…
Officers responded to a theft complaint at a gas station convenience store. The employee told police one of the two men trying to steal beer fled the scene. Police detained the remaining man and reviewed the video, which showed the two men walking in together. The older man (who was still on the scene) pointed out some beer to the younger and then blocked the camera as the younger man began stuffing beer down his shirt. The older man swore he had no idea who the younger man was even though a citizen called the store and told the employee the two were father and son. On top of that, once police arrested the man and brought him downtown they found a piece of paper with the younger man’s name along with the word “son” in parenthesis.

… And Shut.
The following day the same officer was patrolling an area when he saw the younger man from the story above get out of a car and then duck down upon seeing police. The officer stopped and ordered the man down at gunpoint and arrested him on his robbery warrant. During the arrest the officer noticed a gel capsule with residue he suspected to be heroin. The man was recognized by the officer for wearing the same clothing he wore the previous night when he tried to rob the convenience store. He now faces drug paraphernalia charges on top of the robbery charges.

A fiery personality
Officers responded to a gas station reporting a man outside was threatening to blow everyone up. Upon arrival, the officers learned the man standing outside had been approaching customers asking for money and cigarettes. The manager told the man to leave the property. The man did initially but then turned around, called the manager a “bitch” and said he was going to blow her up. He came back toward the gas pumps, flicked his lighter and demanded the manager come back outside. The man was arrested and faces an aggravated menacing charge.

You can’t see me!
Officers noticed an abandoned home with the windows open and a vehicle out front. Officers ran the vehicle’s plates, which came back belonging to a male with an active warrant. The officers eventually made contact with two females who were inside the home, one of whom was the wife of the wanted man. It turns out both of the females were also wanted and were arrested on the spot. Officers then tried to locate the wanted man at the listed address. Officers saw the man inside and knocked on the window but the man took off toward his backyard. Officers called the man’s phone and the man told him he wasn’t there, despite just running from officers. It wasn’t until the man’s daughters showed up and promised to bail him out that the man came out of the home.

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