The Docket: 05/19

Dayton’s police blotter, reported verbatim

By Researched and reported by Charles Grove

The owner of a Dayton bar contacted police on a fraud complaint. An employee of his received a call on the company phone from someone claiming to be a DP&L employee. The caller told the employee the bar owed DP&L money and that their power would be shut off if they didn’t receive a $1,000 payment by the end of the day. The employee went to Meijer and purchased two $500 gift cards and gave the caller the card information. Afterwards, the employee went online and found the bar’s accounts had been in good standing all along.

You could’ve said no…
Two Dayton officers were on foot patrol at a bus terminal. They found a father and son smoking in a non-smoking section right outside the building. While the officers were running their information, they noticed a hypodermic needle about a yard behind them. Both men denied any knowledge of the needle. Officers then asked if they could search both of them, which they agreed to. Officers found a needle in the father’s front pocket, as well as a bag of heroin and more needles, which were down the front of his pants. The father then also confessed that the needle on the ground was his.

Let’s get ready to rumble!
Officers were dispatched to a fight at a downtown nightclub. A 24-year-old pregnant female and her cousin met with police. The female told officers she had been bumped by another female in the club and had told the woman to watch what she was doing. An argument broke out and the second female struck the 24-year-old across the face. The 24-year-old was being kicked, punched and having her hair pulled out before security grabbed all three and threw them out of the club.

Recycled justice
Officers responded to a robbery complaint. The victim told officers two men had shoved her to he ground and then robbed her. The victim was moving two bags of aluminum cans, the proceeds of which she donates to an animal charity. The men shoved the 37-year-old woman into her flowerbed and took the bags. One of the men said, “Take the bitch’s phone too.” After making away with the phone and aluminum cans, the suspects were found and brought back to the woman, who positively identified them. Both face felony robbery charges.

Father of the year
(1) Officers responded to call at a bus terminal saying a protection order had been violated. Upon arrival, officers met with a 28-year-old female who told officers she had an incident with the father of her child. The father began arguing with the female about his mother buying shoes for their child. The argument grew heated and the man spat on the woman and yelled, “I bet you don’t want any more of this!” He then followed her into the terminal calling her a “bitch” and “whore.” He also yelled, “If you didn’t have the kids with you I would kick you in the face!” He then fled and officers were unable to find him.

(2) Officers responded to a domestic violence call. A 20-year-old female spoke with police and said her child’s father had assaulted her. The woman was on her way home with her son when she decided to swing by the father’s apartment so her son could see his dad. When she parked, she saw the father and another woman walking toward them. As the woman tried to get the son out of the vehicle, the father came up behind her and placed her in a headlock. The man also bit down on the woman’s lip and didn’t let the woman go until a passerby yelled at him to let her go. The man fled but was not initially captured.

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