The Docket: 05/26

Dayton’s police blotter, reported verbatim

By Researched and reported by Charles Grove

A lot at steak
A loss-prevention officer witnessed a man stick a pack of steaks down the front of his pants and then attempt to leave the store. The officer chased down the man, who retreated back into the store, dumped the steaks on the floor, ran back out to a car and fled the scene. When Dayton police officers arrived, the store received a call from the 73-year-old female driver asking why someone was taking a picture of her car as she left. The officer told the woman her grandson was trying to steal from the store. She told officers she took off because her grandson told her the people in the store were trying to kill him.

Gross and grosserer
Dayton police officers arrested a man and woman during a prostitution surveillance assignment. Officers witnessed a woman waving at cars. Then, after watching the woman get into a car that pulled off on a side street, the officers decided to survey the car from a distance. After seeing the passenger bob her head up and down in the car and then spit out the window, officers surrounded the vehicle and separated the two. The female explained the arrangement was “$10 for head, but [she] didn’t finish because he smelled so bad.” When asked if he finished, she said, “I think.” Officers collected the “biological material” that had been spit outside the car for evidence.

Drunk, meet sassy
A 55-year-old woman walked into a gas station, where an employee witnessed her place multiple bottles of alcohol and some candy into her purse on the store’s surveillance system. When confronted, the woman denied taking anything but eventually took out a bottle of alcohol, saying she wasn’t going to buy it and the employee could have it back. Reaching for the woman’s bag, the employee asked her to give back the rest of the items. This caused the woman to pull out a box cutter and hold it up to the employee’s neck saying, “Now I’ll take whatever the f— I want! You do what you have to do. I’ll kill you!” Officers found her in a nearby alley in possession of multiple stolen items and arrested her.

Will you bite the hand that feeds?
A bus terminal employee was wanted after he showed up to work and robbed his employer. The man was seen on video getting out of a car next to the building, walking into the area where a coworker was selling bus passes and standing behind her for several minutes. The female coworker said the man looked “scary and devilish” and wouldn’t speak to her. When she asked if he was OK, he told her “no” and began opening one of the drawers and taking a wad of cash. The employer said they did wish to pursue charges of the assumed former employee.

A family affair?
Police officers responded to a call on which multiple people were yelling before the caller hung up on dispatch. Upon arrival the officer found two males and one female attempting to get into a car that had just pulled up. One of the males said to the officer, “Go back to your car and call it a night.” The officer tried to handcuff that man, while the other male started aggressively confronting the officer. The officer radioed for other units to hurry up and the second male told the officer, “Yea, tell them to hurry up!” Officers responded quickly and handcuffed all three people before releasing the female, the girlfriend of the first male. The father of that male spoke to police, heavily intoxicated, saying everyone had an argument but no punches were thrown. Both males faced obstructing and resisting charges.

Officers doing surveillance on a known prostitute watched a male approach her and lead her into an alley about a block away. When officers drove down the alley and shined their lights on the two, they saw the female bent over and the male behind her with a condom on. After both admitted the officers had stopped them right before they were about to engage in sex, officers questioned them. The female told them she had received $7 but told officers the male was going to pay her $20 more after they finished. The male told them that was all the money he had on him.

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