The Docket: 06/02

Dayton’s police blotter, reported verbatim

By Researched and reported by Amanda Dee

Sex makes all the people go away

A 25-year-old man came up to an officer and told him he needed help. The man told the officer he had driven to Dayton the day before to meet another man he had met on a phone app. The man said that once he picked up the man, the two eventually went to a motel and had sex. After the lovemaking session, the complainant told police he had let the new man drive his (mom’s) car. The man drove up to an ATM and asked the man to take out $50 for him. The complainant told police he didn’t want to, so he punched in the wrong numbers at the ATM so that it would eat his card. The driver then fled the scene, taking the man’s keys, phone and his ability to get back to his home in Indiana.

Please, anything but the Straw-ber-rita

A police officer responded to a call reporting a theft from a grocery store, where two males stole two carts filled with $92 worth of alcohol. Immediately after the two men left the store, according to the clerk who called the officer, another customer recovered one of the carts, which contained a bottle of Disaronno, two cans of Steele Reserve, an 18-pack of Corona, a Budweiser and a stolen can of Bud Light Straw-ber-rita. One of the men, the clerk said, just walked away, down the street. The other brought as much alcohol as he could carry to a parking lot across the street before also just walking away. Thankfully, the men have been arrested, and the alcohol has been returned to its rightful home.

Girls are pretty, but they’re hard to talk to

A 53-year-old man called the station after he was threatened by his girlfriend’s 35-year-old daughter. The man said the daughter shoved past her mother, entered the apartment and approached him in the bedroom, where he was watching TV. She then stuck a finger two inches from his face and shrieked, “I’ll kill you.” After he fearfully called the police, the man said she sprinted out of the apartment. The man said the daughter had never done anything like this in the 20 years he’s known her, but decided not to give her another chance and pressed charges.

Blame it on the alcohol

A 54-year-old man called police to report a burglary of some of his appliances. The man was sitting down, drinking a beer and smoking a cigarette when the officer arrived at the house. The officer attempted multiple times to ask the man, who called and reported the crime, about the crime. The man, instead, kept talking about a trip he took in the Midwest and how Vice President Joe Biden called him the day before (four or five empty beer cans were on the table). The man finally complained about a damaged door and said he already spoke to a detective about power tools that were stolen from him. He said his wife had been to the house a few days before, and the door had not been damaged (the wife was not present). He never mentioned the appliances that he reported stolen.


At 8:30 a.m., a 24-year-old man left his home. When he returned later that day at 3:30 p.m., something didn’t feel right. Something was missing. After he began to search his home, he discovered the upper half of the wooden back door had been broken. After he searched more in his living room, he discovered what wasn’t there: his Xbox 360. The burglar left everything else untouched, including the laptop right next to where his Xbox once was. Now, the Xbox and the burglar are still at large.

The fast and the furious

An officer was dispatched to the scene of a vehicle theft. When the officer arrived, the 17-year-old male victim told him a female acquaintance had asked to borrow his black BK Raven BMX bike to race another individual. The bike owner said yes and got off his bike, not realizing what he was about to let happen. The suspect hopped on the green seat of the bike and rode away on $280. The victim waited. And waited. But the acquaintance—and the bike—never came back. Justice, however, rode back: the bike has been reunited with its owner, who now will hopefully think twice about letting others race with his bike.

Rock and roll is dead

A man tipped off police that five juveniles who threw rocks at damaged cars in a parking lot were loitering in front of a nearby church. When the officer found the juveniles, three of them attempted to run away. Two witnesses saw one of the girls chuck a rock at one of the cars from about 10-15 feet away. Owners of two vehicles, one with a broken windshield and the other with a dented bumper, wanted to press charges. The confirmed rock-thrower confessed and was charged on two counts of criminal damaging and detained. One of the thrower’s accomplices was apprehended and taken to the Juvenile Justice Center, and the remaining accomplices were turned over to the public school system for punishment.

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