The Docket: 07/07

Dayton’s police blotter, reported verbatim

By Researched and reported by Amanda Dee


The cops tho

An officer responded to a report of a stolen cell phone. The victim said her boyfriend last used her cell phone in May, right before he was arrested. Since the arrest, the phone was in the custody of the boyfriend’s brother. When the victim inquired about her phone the night prior to her police report, the boyfriend said his brother hadn’t seen it around. But when she called the phone, a woman picked up and said she recently purchased the phone on Craigslist from an unknown male vendor. She would give back the phone, however, if the victim would pay her the asking price of $120 and meet her at a designated location. After she suddenly switched the location of the meet, the victim did not feel comfortable meeting the Craigslist rando. When police called the woman’s number, what sounded like a male with a feminine voice answered and hung up on them. The victim then received a text that said, “the cops tho.”

Tolerate thy neighbor

A man reported a complaint against his neighbor. The officer asked him to please explain. The man said he was just in his house, “minding [his] own business,” when his neighbor told his girlfriend to tell him to go outside. When he went to the door to see what the hubbub was all about, the neighbor said he was going to “break [his] jaw.” So he went outside, apparently with no other option, and the neighbor told him to come closer—so he could “break [his jaw].” The neighbor continued to barrage him with threats, warning the man he was “going to kick [his] ass.” The man decided to avoid potentially getting his ass kicked and/or his jaw broken and went back inside and called the police. When the officer inquired about this testimony to the neighbor, he proverbially let out a “psht,” saying, “I’m just having a beer trying to enjoy myself.”

Once a thief…

A gas station convenience store called in to report a theft. The employee said that at about midnight, the store locks up and only assists customers from a cubby hole. While the employee was helping a woman with a Polar Pop fountain drink, she was distracted by what appeared to be an arm reaching through the cubby hole into the cigarette case. A customer then confirmed that an arm reached into the cubby hole into the cigarette case before going on his way with some stolen cigarettes. An anonymous customer then walked up to her and said the name of the perpetrator. And the employee knew that name well: It was the name of the beef thief who had stolen jerky from them once before.

Minus 10 mana

A man called to report items that were stolen from his vehicle. He said he parked his Dodge in an alley behind his friend’s house and spent the night there. When he returned to the truck the next day, he realized three things had disappeared: a GPS, a PSP and a set of magic cards. The PSP and 100 magic cards were in the glove box. When the officer told the victim an evidence crew could be called, the man declined because “they were leaving.”

Not mad, disappointed

An officer arrived to the scene of a drug deal with three males and one female, scattering the group. The males drove off, and the female turned and walked away. From about 4 feet behind her, the officer saw her fumbling around in her purse. Thinking she was trying to pull out a weapon, he grabbed his stun gun and her shirt to swerve her around. Her eyes locked in on the stun gun, and she knocked it to the ground. She pulled a plastic bag (filled with crack) from her purse and shoved it into her mouth, so the officer stunned her to the ground. On the ground, she continued trying to chew the bag, despite the officer’s verbal warnings to stop and the stun gun aimed directly at her. She again went for the stun gun and attempted to use her legs to grab it, so she could continue chewing the bag. In the tussle, the officer stunned her again, and she finally stopped the bag-chewing. “I am sorry [for] hitting you,” she told him. To which he replied that she didn’t hit him but was wrong for trying to disarm him.

Single white male 

Officers were called to the scene when the white man they were looking for was spotted.  The spotters gave the officers the address of the man’s hiding spot. When officers arrived at the house, a young woman answered the door and said she thought he was inside. The creeping man emerged from the laundry area. “He had a very bad attitude,” according to the report. Police sent out a broadcast to see if the man had any outstanding warrants, and he did not. However, a few minutes later, a different crew called in on a broadcast saying he was suspected of assault and aggravated menacing. When police checked the house this time, the woman said she “wasn’t sure if he was still there ?” (The house has three rooms.) Bullets to a weapon also appeared to be on the table. When the man finally emerged from the laundry area, again, it was cited, again, that “he had a very bad attitude.”

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