The Docket: 07/14

Dayton’s police blotter, reported verbatim

By Researched and reported by Amanda Dee


Caught in the act

Police were dispatched to a grocery store on a theft complaint. According to the complainant, four young males were loitering in the soda aisle, but when he caught up with the crew, half of them had moved on to the fountain drink dispenser. While one of them purchased their drink, another cruised off in a motorized cart and snagged a three-pack of condoms. Another then grabbed the condoms from the cart. As they were leaving the deli department, the safe sex perp “was witnessed handling the condoms into his right cargo shorts pocket.” He went through the self-checkout, not paying for the concealed item and was reprehended by the employee and then police, whom he told he would rather go to jail than tell his mom he was caught in the act.

Missing: crummy boyfriend, 45 DVDs

A woman’s boyfriend came over to her apartment, started drinking and then acting aggressive. He punched the victim in the thigh, leaving a visible bruise, so she shoved him away and had to leave her own apartment. Hours later, when she returned home, 45 DVDs that had been there before were gone. According to the woman, the (presumably ex-) boyfriend runs a “hustle,” where he sells DVDs. Since he was acting aggressively, sells DVDs and was the only one in her apartment since she left, he is the top suspect of the theft.

The thief took my homework

A man called in after someone had taken things he needed for school from his unlocked Chevrolet Silverado, which was parked in front of his home. The alleged thief took his backpack. Inside the backpack were schoolbooks, notebooks and a calculator—reported at a grand total value of $1. He noticed the items critical to his academic success were missing when he “went to leave” (possibly, most likely, maybe conveniently for class).


A white man seen in a “plad [sic] shirt green hat” walked away from a sporting goods store with two stolen golf clubs. Feeling the rush of two free, shiny new clubs, he tried his luck at car theft and, instead, took a front license plate from a vehicle parked near the store. The owner of the vehicle didn’t really know when her front license plate could have been stolen. The white man could be in a plaid shirt and a green hat or just a green hat with a plaid shirt pattern. It is unclear, and he is still at large.

Power to the proletariat 

Power tools were reported missing from a local business. Specifically, nine drills were taken from five separate vans. Although there isn’t a master key, there is a skeleton key box that holds copies of each van’s set of keys. However, all the vans are locked at the end of every shift, and there were no indications of forced entry—pointing to the very real possibility of an inside (wo)man. (The fact that every time one employee in particular took a few days off, a drill went missing also backed this theory.)

Weed eaters

Officers rushed to the scene of a theft—of two “weed eaters.” The officer spoke to the victim, who was just taking care of the yard for the owner. He said the weed eaters were on the balcony before they were snatched away, possibly forever. A large, wooden pallet was leaning on the side of the house, which the man used to reach the balcony and equipment to tenderly care for the yard. The cans of gas and lawnmower were still on the balcony, but that doesn’t lessen the crime.

God’s way or the highway 

A church van was brought to a street near the church to be worked on. That’s when wannabe thieves committed their sin: They damaged the van and removed the ignition switch from the steering column. They broke the window and bent the frame of one of the doors. Though, despite their efforts, they failed to steal the vehicle and left DNA evidence at the scene. God had other plans.

He sees you when you’re sleeping

An officer went to the home of a burglary victim. The victim, 71, said his $300 hand grinder was missing and the surge protectors to the security cameras and TV were cut. Apparently, the perpetrator hopped from rooftop to rooftop and hit the neighbor’s house next, climbing in again through an upstairs window. (The brown-haired, blue-eyed 26-year-old perpetrator was captured in weather-appropriate jeans and tennis shoes.)

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