The Docket: 07/21

Dayton’s police blotter, reported verbatim

By Researched and reported by Amanda Dee

Nailed it
The owner of a nail salon called police when an ex-employee started stealing from her business. She told the responding officer that she fired an employee the morning she was a “no call, no show.” She didn’t take it well. At about 6 p.m., the ex returned to the salon and stole some manicure and pedicure tools, a wax kit—and a 24-inch TV. The owner snapped photos of the former employee loading the stolen items into her vehicle. Other employees also witnessed their former co-worker taking off in a huff with various items that belonged to their boss.COLT 45

An adult male walked into a convenience store and stuck a $5 Colt 45 beer in his pocket. When an employee stopped him, the man “bull charged [and] forcefully knocked both men to the ground,” according to the employee. In the ground tussle—and the attempt to protect his beer at all costs—the man left an inch-long bleeding wound on the arm of the employee. (The man was arrested and never even got to crack open his Colt 45.)

Rainy days and Mondays

An adult male who was previously trespassed from the property of a convenience store was reported to be back on said banned property. An officer was dispatched to the store, where the man was sitting about 30 feet from the door, back against the exterior wall of the building. The officer told him the manager called because he was trespassing. Again. “I know, but it’s f–king raining,” he responded. The manager joined them outside and told the officer he wants to file charges. Again. When the officer asked him if he had anything illegal on him, he said, “Yeah, a f–king gun.” (No weapon was found in the search of his person.)

Missing?: multiple Jeff Gordon collector’s items

A 20-year-old woman called in to report a theft. She explained to the responding officer that a man who had been living with her was recently arrested. She let her sister come over to collect some of the man’s things, which were in the living room. The woman, however, did not hang around as she collected the items. Later when she was back in the room, she realized the man’s items were not the only things taken: Her cell phone and multiple Jeff Gordon collector’s items were also missing. That’s what she told the officer, who checked her name in the squad car computer to find another report of a very similar story from a few weeks before. That time, though, she called on her mother.

Nice cans

A manager of a convenience store reported a count of shoplifting. The manager said he was talking with a vendor near the exit doors, until he spotted an adult male, who was carrying a plastic bag containing two cans of motor oil, leaving the premises. Since he recalled the man entering the store with an empty bag in tow and did not see the man pay for anything, he was suspicious. So, he told the man to come back inside the store and explain himself. In his defense, the man said he just entered the store with two cans of motor oil.

There won’t be beef 

An officer was dispatched to another shoplifting incident in the area. This time, though, it was a family matter. A mom, dad and three kids—the youngest of which needed to be pushed in a stroller—entered the store at about 4 p.m. As caught on camera, the dad took some candy off the shelf and the middle child took an unknown item. After this, the mom shoved a bag of chips down the front of her shorts … before grabbing beef jerky sticks off the shelf. The oldest of the children then also took beef jerky off the shelf. The mom chatted with the employee, while the rest of her family vacated the premises—while signs of a serious hunger epidemic in the Dayton area did not.

Fake nice, leg

A woman was in the hospital visiting a relative and decided to catch some breakfast in the cafeteria. She returned to one of the waiting rooms and struggled to change the channel on TV. A helpful, red-haired man approached her, offering to try and save her from another soap she didn’t care to see. While she was changing channels she left her wallet unattended on a nearby couch. Later, she realized she no longer had her wallet and that the helpful, red-haired man had used his helpfulness, most likely, to con her. She described the man as a 30-year-old red head with a backpack and a prosthetic leg. (After reviewing the security footage, it was clear that the man did not have a prosthetic leg, but he did, in fact, have a backpack.)

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