The Docket 09/22

Dayton’s police blotter, reported verbatim

By Amanda Dee

You can’t handle the ‘truth’

The victim reached police on a grand theft auto call. She had parked her gold/tan 2001 Lincoln Town Car with “a lot of black Duck Tape holding of the front end together” (unrelated to this incident) in the driveway of her friend’s apartment. She had left the car unlocked with her key ring, which also included her house key, “in plain view.” When she came back to the parking spot, it was, surprisingly, gone. Someone did catch sight of the suspect’s back as he got into the car and sped off: a white hoodie emblazoned with the word “truth.”

Just do it

An officer was dispatched to the scene of a theft. When the officer asked the complainant what happened, he said someone had stolen his freshly purchased Nike sweatsuit, along with six T-shirts from his house. A grand total of $400. The victim said he had employees in his home placing carpet and tile and that one of the workers said, “Nice T-shirts,” so he has a hunch it was this worker who stole his new Nike swag. The fact that it went missing right after the employees left also points a finger in that direction.

Goodie bag

Three officers arrived to a convenience store on a theft call. “Various underwear” priced at $1 was stolen. The manager explained to the reporting officers that a white male had entered the store, took a recyclable bag from the front, filled the bag with “various underwear” and some T-shirts and walked out, right past the cash register, without looking back.

The things they carried

A man called in to the station, worried for his safety. He then told his story: His acquaintance came over with one trash bag half-filled with belongings and stayed the night. When he left the next day, he left with more baggage. Two trash bags more—both filled with items. Among those items, the man believes, were “two antique German glass dolls” that disappeared right after his “acquaintance” left. When he called the man to confront him, the man denied taking anything and threatened to “stomp [his] brains out” if he saw him out. (The man emphasized to officers that he “did not care” about the dolls, just his personal safety.)

In the eye of the beholder

The victim called in to report her missing dump trailer, which she recently filled with gravel—$500-worth of it. She said she left the trailer on the lawn, and when she returned the following day, everything was gone. She described the vehicle as being dented on the left fender and plugged in the right rear tire. Despite its distinguishable features, the woman’s sister, who lives right around the corner, did not realize it was her trailer being taken away by the red pick-up truck that took it.

Stab in the dark

In a hospital parking lot, there was a stabbing. The perpetrator took the crime weapon, a knife, and plunged it into a car tire. The tire was on a vehicle parked in one of the hospital’s handicapped parking spaces. According to the report, “The tire was ruined.” The officer said he knew with absolute certainty that the crime weapon was a knife because “a pocket knife blade fit perfectly into the slit in the tire.”

Your mom?

A woman called officers to report a muddied story about a threatening man and a friend of this man who also threatened the woman. When officers arrived on the scene, they encountered the threatening man, wearing brown pants with a brown shirt. They told him they were issuing a protection order, but he said he would return later that night because the woman’s house was his house. The woman’s mother told the officers that right before they arrived, the man was shouting at them on their porch, calling the woman’s mother “mom” and that he didn’t do anything to deserve being thrown out of the house.

The long con

A convenience store employee witnessed a man in a white T-shirt and blue jeans enter the store. He said this man usually pops in and meanders around the store, never buying anything. This time, the man came up to the employee and asked him where he could find the rubber bands. After the employee showed him to the rubber band aisle, the man took the bands and bounced without paying.

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