The Docket: 10/06

Dayton’s police blotter, reported verbatim

by Amanda Dee

Ain’t nobody got time for this

An officer on patrol spotted a man he knew had previously been trespassed from public property on that public property. The trespassed man then walked right in front of the officer’s cruiser. The officer stepped out of his vehicle and told him to stop. The man responded, “I don’t have time for this,” and continued walking away. When the officer again told him to stop, the man said, “You’re getting real comfortable with me.” The man landed himself in jail but managed a string of profanities.


A woman returned home from work at 5:20 a.m., according to the report. She then was picked up by her boyfriend.  Upon her return home (about an hour later?) she found a surprise. Someone had stolen her spanking new tan nylon black metal reclining folding chairs and one pack of Marlboros.  According to the report, “They were tan nylon with bungee cords running down the sides.” The Marlboros were also spanking new and resting next to the chairs the last time she got to see them.


A crew of officers scoped out the scene of a triggered house alarm. As they surveyed the backyard of the residence, one of the officers “observed a white male carrying a white trash bag, orange purse and what appeared to be a green cloth style suitcase.” When the officer told him to wait, the man dropped his load and ran off. Upon the arrest of the running man and recovery of the stolen cloth suitcase, the officers discovered “guns, video games, knife.”

Like stealing from a baby

An officer was dispatched to a house on a theft complaint. When the reporting officer asked the victim what happened, she said someone had stolen the new stroller she had just purchased for her child between the hours of 2 and 7 that morning. The three-wheel “expedition model” of the “baby furniture” was priced at $200. (Maybe the perp should pick on someone their own size.)

Dayton bro talk

There was yet another theft at yet another convenience store. One of the victims explained to officers that her husband was inside the store about to buy his wares when he set his keys on the cashier’s table and took a step back from the cash register. In line, another man “wearing a yellow cut off T-shirt” purchased two tall beers and then the other man’s set of keys. “He also had a gold chain on.” All parties on the scene believed the snatching was a mistake (most likely due to the combination of the gold chain, cut-off and two tall beers), but the couple really wants to drive their car and get into their house again.

Dirty laundry

Someone stole a license plate from a 1997 Oldsmobile parked near a Laundromat. The owner of said Oldsmobile told responding officers “she went to the laundry mat and everything was fine,” but that when she returned to her vehicle later, it was missing. She said she thought the suspect was her children’s father because he had suggested the day prior that she had stolen his missing keys. So, she thought this was “a nasty move to get her back.” The accused said to look for a new suspect because he made no such move.


A store manager called in an afternoon theft. She reported that a customer walked into the establishment and walked in and left with something he didn’t have before: a roofing nail gun. The male was described as about 5’6” and 180 pounds, wearing jeans and a black jacket—with a spider tattooed on the right side of his face. One of the store’s employees said he believes the suspect goes by the alias “Spider.”

Time out

While on drug detail, officers noticed a man making a scene. They repeatedly told the man, who had been trespassed from a bar for “messing with a female in the bar,” to go home. The man told officers he had been assaulted as he was standing on the corner. When officers asked him where he was assaulted, he said, “my mouth.” Officers, however, doubted this claim because his mouth was neither bloody nor red, his eyes were bloodshot and he reeked of alcohol. They took the man back to his dad’s house, but he wanted more and returned to fight the security guard at the bar, where he was arrested.

It’s not easy being green

Officers patrolling the city stopped two men loitering in a public place after it had closed. They gave the officers their social security numbers, and the officers plugged them into the system. It turned out one of the men had already been trespassed from the area for “again [having] a bag of weed on him” and “constantly loitering downtown w/ crowd that was selling weed.” The man was arrested despite his thinking that the trespassing order against him was a thing of the past.

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