The Docket 10/20/15

The way we were

A man approached the victim and asked for $8, but he acted like he knew him. The vic responded, “No, I don’t know you.” Au contraire, the man said, he does know him—they talked two weeks ago. The victim told the suspect au contraire: he was out of town two weeks ago, so that was impossible. Done with the chitchat, the suspect attacked the man from behind, stealing $15 from his wallet. Once the man freed himself from the suspect’s clutches, the suspect ran toward somewhere “where there is a hill/field.”

Trick and a treat

At about 5 p.m. a loss prevention officer at a local grocery store noticed a woman in the deli section, and it was not love at first sight. She ordered deli meat and a block of cheese, and strategically placed the cheese block next to her purse atop the cart. She then turned her back to the officer and slipped the block into the purse and continued to the seasonal aisle for her next targets: a “mini witch’s hat” and spooky “wall hanging.” She was no fool, however. She “selected multiple Reeces [sic] cups” and purchased them along with other items to cover her tracks. And when she was caught, she pulled one of the most foolproof tricks in the book: She told the officer “she didn’t remember putting the cheese in her purse.”

Breaking up is hard to do

A victim called in the station to report a theft. When the victim went to his car, which was parked right outside his house, to go to work at about 4 a.m., his temporary license plate was missing. He told the reporting officer he suspects his ex because she has vandalized his car before—and because when he called her and asked about the missing tag, she responded she “was going to make his life difficult.”

Sleeping on the job

The officers on this case were dispatched to a convenience store. When they arrived, they made contact with the victim, who said she had gotten into an argument with her boyfriend earlier that day. After said altercation, at about 11 a.m., “she decided to take a nap and get away from arguing.” In what sounds like a bad dream, she awoke to find her cigarettes, phone and pre-paid debit card—loaded with approximately $300—missing. When she called her boyfriend, he said he would “be home in a few” and hung up. He never returned her call.


Officers were dispatched to the high school scene of the crime. However, the victim had relocated to her home by the time of their arrival. When officers made it to her home, she told them the crime occurred “sometime last night during homecoming.” She reported at approximately 1 a.m., “she sat her phone down to go dance.” When she returned, the phone, which has a “small bend on frame” priced in the report at $1, was gone—along with her homecoming fantasies.


Out of the kindness of her heart, a twentysomething let her cousin stay with her for about a month because he had nowhere else to go. After her belongings started going missing, she had a hunch it was her cousin, since they only started vanishing after his arrival. Then, one night, she left her house. A half hour later, she came back to find her door had been smashed in. She called her cousin only to discover he had blocked her on his phone. Her Xbox 360—“Halo 4” edition—was nowhere to be found. (Also among the 15 games missing: “Halo 3,” “Assassin’s Creed,” “Call of Duty: Black Ops” and “Minecraft.”)

The year 2000

The victim told the reporting officer he was “visiting a friend and spent the night” at the “friend’s” apartment. He parked his car behind the building at approximately 4 a.m. Four hours later, when he returned to his vehicle, he noticed the driver’s side door handle had been pried open. When the officer asked if anything was missing, he told her the real crime: two pairs of Oakley sunglasses and an iPod Nano. (The stolen items amounted to a value of $430 in the report. A Nano goes for about $130.)

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