The Docket 11/03/15

Dayton’s police blotter, reported verbatim

by Amanda Dee

When you gotta go, you gotta go

A customer in his 20s went to a retail store and was browsing and trying on clothes. It wasn’t his first time visiting the place. One victim, an employee, was waiting on the perp as he “tried on clothes” when “the incident” occurred. The customer asked the employee if they had a restroom, to which the employee responded that they do not have a public restroom. So, the customer requested a cup to pee into, but the employee didn’t want to give him a cup to pee into and told him to go next door if he had to go that badly. The suspect then went back inside the changing room. The employee heard “what sounded like the suspect urinating.” The suspect left the dressing room then the store. The employee was left with a puddle.

Who’s your (pizza) provider?

An officer was dispatched to a pizzeria/the scene of the crime, where the manager shared her tragic tale. One of the pizza delivery boys had been doing what he did everyday—delivering pizzas—until about 6 p.m., when he got into an accident. After the car crash, he never returned with the “$27.00 cash money” from the pizza exchanges on his route. The manager said he won’t return her phone calls. He’s even popped into the pizzeria several times, each time failing to hand over the $27.


A mom called in to the station because her son’s Nintendo DXI XL and 15 videogames (a fine collection including “Guitar Hero” and not one, but two, copies of “Cooking Mama”) were taken from him. The morning before the incident, her husband’s stepson was over playing PlayStation 3 with his dad for about an hour. When the woman drove her stepson home, he made a comment about her son’s room getting “ransacked.” When she inspected the room, it did not appear as if someone had picked through the place, but her son’s gaming career would hit a wall. She has a strong inkling it may possibly be the stepson because he is “a known thief, who has stolen from them in the past.”

Just borrowing

A 66-year-old woman was storing her $50 debit card in her pants pocket. But while she was sleeping, she wasn’t wearing said pants. She awoke the next morning and heard her grandson open the entrance door and walk into her home. She walked to the living room, where he was sitting with cigarettes and beer. When she confronted him, he pointed to the floor, where her debit card lay, drained of every last dollar.


Officers inspected the front and back of a restaurant after motion sensors were triggered. A regular old citizen standing nearby told the officers he saw two men sprinting through the alley after the alarm went off. Once the owner arrived, the officers further inspected the building and watched the security footage. When they walked in, four bottles of liquor rested on the bar counter. In the footage, the suspect who broke into the building was wearing a “black hooded sweatshirt and sunglasses on his head,” as well as a towel over his head—which was found outside the window.  The man took in his environment for a few minutes then placed eight bottles of liquor onto the bar. He inspected them and took four. “A small decorative pumpkin” lay outside on the patio, near one of the broken windows. According to the report, “The suspect used the decorative pumpkin to break the glass hole bigger in order to get back out.”

Beef to the punch

An officer was dispatched to a convenience store, where a man with a black backpack and a blue grocery bag walked in thinking no one would know what he was up to. The suspect walked through the store and “took an unknown amount of beef jerky,” which totaled to about $40. The beef thief proceeded to walk past all points of purchase before fleeing on foot. “All of the beef jerky is now gone,” the employee lamented.

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