The Docket 11/04

Strange, but true: Dayton’s police blotter, reported verbatim

Researched and reported by Charles Grove

Sh** people say
A man approached a police cruiser on West Third Street and asked the officer, “Could you give me a ride out to the Wal-Mart in Beavercreek and shoot me?” After the officer explained to the man he would not drive him to the store to shoot him, the man called the officer a “stupid mother fucker” while walking away shouting, “those stupid mother fuckers!” The officer told the man he needed to stop cursing and causing a scene, and the man responded by screaming, “What are you going to do, shoot me, you stupid mother fucker? I’ll knock you the fuck out!” After being placed under arrest, the man admitted to being drunk and said, “When I am not drunk, I am usually the nicest guy. But when I am drunk, I say a lot of stupid things.”

A 30-year-old man walked into a McDonald’s on Free Pike, carrying multiple bags from other stores. After the man ordered his food, the cashier noticed a cell phone had been left at the front counter. The cashier was asking customers who the owner of the phone was when the man came up to the counter, snatched the phone from the cashier, grabbed his bags and headed for the exit. Seconds later, the sound of broken glass was heard. The man explained to police he had tried to open the door with his foot and “accidentally kicked the window out.”

Must have been a full moon
An officer working Halloween detail in the Oregon District was alerted by a female that a male was sleeping on the floor of a portable toilet nearby. Officers responded and, after being told multiple times by a female inside the portable toilet that she would be right out, officers unlocked the door from the outside to find a male passed out on the floor of the unit with the female standing on top of him. Officers tried to wake the man up but, according to official reports, the man “growled at me like he was some kind of an animal.” After officers got the man up, the man snarled and tried to bite the officer. He was arrested for disorderly conduct and public intoxication.

Officers were dispatched to Burkhardt Avenue on a report of a man firing a rifle in his backyard. The caller said the man had shot the rifle at least five times and was running around his house while continuing to shoot. After numerous officers responded to the address, officers found the man and detained him. The man told officers the gun was on the porch. Officers soon discovered a .22 caliber bolt-action rifle with a live round chambered. The man told officers he had been shooting at squirrels in his yard.

All teeth, no wisdom
A male and female went out to enjoy the new casino in Dayton. The female needed some money to play with, so the male gave her $40 for the evening. On the car ride home, the male learned the female had won $200 that evening with his money. When he demanded payment, the female, who was driving, gave him $60. The male became enraged, so the female pulled over and ordered her friend out of the car. As he exited the vehicle, he threw the car’s ashtray at her – chipping multiple teeth.

That escalated quickly …
A young woman came home to her boyfriend planning to celebrate their two-year anniversary. After discovering her boyfriend didn’t buy her any gifts, she became upset and told him to leave, which he refused to do. Frustrated, the woman went to return the gifts she bought for her boyfriend and found him still at her apartment when she got back. Arguing ensued and the boyfriend grabbed her shoes, shoved them into the toilet, broke her television and then told her he urinated all over her bed. After she tried to leave again, the boyfriend grabbed her, tied her to him with electrical tape and told her, “We’ll always be together.” A protection order was filed against the boyfriend.

Using your head
Officers on patrol discovered a commotion in front of a bar on South Jefferson Street. Officers witnessed a white male screaming something unintelligible at a group of bystanders, wildly taking a swing and then missing badly. The man then walked to the plate glass door in front of the bar and head-butted it, causing it to vibrate but not break. Officers then grabbed the male who told them he was celebrating his 21st birthday. The man spent the remainder of his birthday in jail on disorderly conduct charges.

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