The Docket 11/10/15

Dayton’s police blotter, reported verbatim

by Amanda Dee

I ain’t saying she’s a gold digger but… 

A man left his wallet on the kitchen table before he went to bed with his girlfriend, who lived with him. The next morning, his girlfriend and his money had left him. The man called his girlfriend to confront her about stealing $250 dollars from him, and she admitted to doing so but said she wasn’t planning on returning it. She stayed true to her word, not returning the money. However, she did come back. To steal his jeans and shoes.

The big bad burglar

An officer was dispatched to a soft pretzel establishment on a breaking and entering call. When the employee was opening up, she noticed items strewn across the floor. She then noticed what was missing. The cash in the unlocked register that’s actually not a real register just a register drawer, gone. The “rolled up coins” once residing in an unlocked wooden box under the register, gone. The coke and grape soda, gone. As the suspect left the building, they knocked over a bag of flour, leaving behind a partial footprint. The oven used to bake the pretzels sustained serious injuries.

In the wild, wild west

A woman parked her car a few feet from her home. At about 6 p.m., her kids ran back out to it to retrieve something they left in the car. Between then and 12:30 the following afternoon, four boxes of candy bars, a check, $10 cash and one pair of Tony Llama cowboy boots went missing. When the officer asked if she knew anyone who would have broken into her car and stolen her money, candy and boots (we all have that one friend), she said no.

The dark knight rises 

The manager of a convenience store watched as three customers walked into the building, “acting what he called, ‘strange.’” He decided to take a look at the security footage. He spotted one of the customers holding a bag of Goldfish crackers. When he questioned her about the fish, she said she purchased them somewhere else, so he blindly trusted her. He then questioned his faith in other people when they left and checked the inventory of the Goldfish bags: He was one bag short. The woman was wearing a “black Batman shirt, black skirt, and black leggings.”

Wily Wonka 

An “older male” walked into a convenience store, grabbed a shopping cart and headed straight to the candy. He left his cart in the aisle and took a $1 Spider-Man bag back to it. One of the employees was helping other customers, but noticed the move. She also noticed when he left the store without making a purchase but with a new bulge in his coat “that went down below his rear end.” When the officer asked what he stole, the employees handed him four empty boxes of candy bars.

You used to call me on my cell phone

A woman’s ex-husband visited her house the other day to see his kids. But he left with more than newfound family memories. He stole his ex-wife’s coat, a blue Old Navy hoodie—her only coat. As he took the coat off the rack, he told their son he would be right back (he did not come back). She tried calling him multiple times to ask for her coat back. He did not return her calls or her coat.  The woman told police he was at his sister’s house “in the back room and will hide in the attic.”

Free wheeling

An officer was dispatched to the scene of a theft. The employee of the establishment who called in the crime said “an unknown person” had just come in “several days ago” and stolen “20-25 used tires” of “various manufacturers and sizes”—or in monetary terms, as the report listed, $1. The place of business usually runs security cameras, but they were temporarily dysfunctional. So, at this point in time, the suspect will just keep on rollin’.

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