The Docket 11/11/14

Strange, but true: Dayton’s police blotter, reported verbatim

Researched and reported by Charles Grove

Hail seizure!

Officers responded to a Kroger and found a loss prevention officer and a 32-year-old man after what had obviously been a fight between them. After the loss prevention officer confronted the man, who was seen stuffing items down his pants after leaving the store, the man ran back inside the store running around the checkout lines and screaming, “I haven’t done anything wrong!” A scuffle ensued near the exit doors, and the man eventually gave up. When police told him he was going to be arrested, the man shouted that he was having a seizure before curling up on the floor and shaking. Medics confirmed he was not actually having a seizure, but the man, undeterred, continued to shake until they took him to the hospital and had a doctor tell him that he was fine.

Parenting tips

Police arrested a 25-year-old man for soliciting an undercover female police officer posing as a prostitute. After driving by the woman numerous times, the man pulled over and asked her if she was working. The two agreed upon oral sex for $20 only after he was sure that his two-year-old daughter in the backseat was asleep. After he drove toward an ATM to secure the money for the transaction, officers pulled him over, right in front of the Kroger where he worked. His wife drove the daughter home after the arrest.


Officers doing surveillance on a known prostitute watched a male approach her and then lead her into an alley about a block away. When officers drove down the alley and shined their lights, they saw the female bent over and the male behind her with a condom on. After both admitted police stopped them right before they were about to engage in sex, officers questioned them both. The female told police she had received $7 but said the male was going to pay her $20 more after they finished. Officers learned from the male he didn’t have any more money on him.

Keep the change

A woman caused $900 in property damage to a chicken restaurant after storming off and taking her frustration out on a glass window of the establishment. The woman had come into the restaurant approximately two hours earlier and sat in the dining area eating while talking to herself and other customers. After finishing her meal, she got up to change the channel on the television – which management allowed her to do, so as not to upset her. After she began scaring a few customers, management told her to leave, which angered the woman. She grabbed some pennies and threw them behind the counter screaming, “This is your fucking tip!” before going outside and kicking the window.

But you can’t

stay here …

Officers reported to a bar after an alarm went off early in the morning. After finding nothing suspicious outside the building and being let inside by the owners, officers found a pair of shorts and shoes strewn about the floor. Officers then found a man stumbling around the business without pants or shoes. Officers detained the man, who said the last thing he remembered was his buddies taking him to the bar for his 21st birthday five hours earlier, then waking up and trying to find his friends. The man had passed out in the bar and workers had closed up without finding him passed out at the end of the night.

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