The Docket 11/25

Strange, but true: Dayton’s police blotter, reported verbatim

Researched and reported by Charles Grove

This week, Docket editor Charles Grove explored Dayton police reports of Thanksgivings past. Below are just a few of these festive tales – they may just make you feel thankful for what you’ve got.

Thankful for jails
Police responded to a domestic violence call and found multiple people outside of the home arguing. Multiple crews responded and the girlfriend of a 37-year-old man claimed she had been beaten by her boyfriend, which caused the argument outside. Police saw the woman had blood on her right ear. While transporting the man to jail on domestic violence and public intoxication charges the man was very irate and kept yelling, “I’m going to kill that cock-sucking bitch! It’s a good thing you’re locking me up!”

Uppercut with a side of gravy
Police received a call regarding a neighbor dispute where the victim claimed he had been punched by a man with whom he has had an ongoing issue. The assailant allegedly has a history of speeding down the neighborhood street – this particular time, hitting a parked car. The victim went outside after hearing the crash and yelled at the man. The man then jumped the victim’s fence and came into his yard yelling, “You want a piece of me?” before punching the man. The assailant fled the scene after learning police were being called.

Welcome home for the holidays
A 59-year-old man from Cincinnati was waiting at a bus stop to catch a ride to see his family for Thanksgiving, when two young men came up behind him and asked him for change for a $5 bill. The man said he had no change so the men then asked if he had change for a $1 bill. Again, the man said he did not. During this conversation the victim said the men kept trying to stand behind him and would reposition themselves so as to be behind him. After asking the victim for a cigarette, one of the males sucker-punched the man. Police found the two a few blocks later. The victim was adamant about coming up from Cincinnati for any court dates needed so as to properly help prosecute the men.

Pass the salt next time!
A 19-year-old man reported to the police after having an argument with his dad that turned violent. The young man wouldn’t tell police what started the argument. Once the conversation became heated, the father allegedly took out a .25 caliber chrome plate automatic weapon and held it up against his son’s head. Once tensions cooled down enough to put the gun away, the father came back with a knife and held it above his son’s head. The son then left, not wishing to press charges against his father, but wanted to make a report – just in case anything happened in the future.

Thanksgiving stuffing
Dayton undercover police were patrolling an area known for prostitution and located a girl they believed to be working. The woman flagged down the car after passing her multiple times and ran over to the car after the undercover officer pulled over into an alley. After agreeing to engage in oral sex and intercourse for $40, police arrested the female. The woman told police she wasn’t working and was just looking for a ride home. But the address she gave was just behind the alley where she had been picked up. When officers inquired about the address, the woman had no response.

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