The Docket 12/1/15

Dayton’s police blotter, reported verbatim

by Amanda Dee

Not your ’bra
Two officers who “were both in the uniform of the day which included a long sleeve shirt and turtle necks” were on duty when they got a robbery call. The two suspects of the robbery sought cover in an RTA hub. As the officers detained the two suspects, another man approached and said one of the suspects was his nephew. The officers tried the “being polite” tactic, but to no avail. So, one of the officers asked for his identification, and the man walked away. The officers then had to escort him to their squad car. The man attempted to call one of the officers his “bra,” to which the officer responded, “I’m not your bra.”

A woman went up to a pack of socks in a store and started pulling the pairs apart. Instead of accusing her of stealing the socks as individuals rather than entire pairs, the employee observing her strange behavior told the woman they only sold the socks as pairs. She told the woman this three or four times. Upon the third or fourth time, the woman lashed out and said she was going to “whoop [her] ass and shoot [her]!” She continued shouting, but still tried to make some purchases. The employee refused because she didn’t feel too comfortable ringing her up after the woman’s threat. The woman was wearing a camo baseball hat.

Feeling blue
A man in a store kept telling the employee he left a skateboard and phone in the store. (The man’s eyes were bloodshot and could barely stay open.) The man remained in the store for about 40 minutes before shouting, “I’M GONNA DIE” and running out. The suspect was wearing blue jeans and a blue hoodie, with a blue toboggan hat.

Caught in the act
There was an accident in the lobby of a library. When officers arrived on scene, security staff informed them the security cameras caught an intoxicated man “standing over one of the plants next to the entrance and possibly urinating in the pot which held the plant.” The officers asked the man if he had identification on him. He said he did not. So they asked why not. He told them he kept breaking his I.D. card. The pee incident cost him a year’s loss of library privileges.

Ke$ha crime
An employee of a store called the station to report a case of vandalism. A man who walked near the store a few days before had distributed flyers on cars and businesses surrounding the business. The flyers read, “[Redacted] is a drug front ran by Chicago drug dealer [redacted] he uses this building to launder his drug profits. That’s why this building is never open to the public. Pay attention because these types of guys are bad for our community.” To push their message even further, they tagged “drug front” in gold on the storefront. Four of the security camera lenses were also spray painted gold.

You say you’re just a friend
On the day of the report the victim and a “friend” went to an ATM. When he went to withdraw the money, he realized he forgot his reading glasses, so he asked his friend to help him out. She pushed in his pin number and took his card. Then, she ran off. When officers asked the victim about the fare weather friend, he could only give them her age and her sex.

Pick on someone your own size
A father reported his daughter’s missing cell phone. She was at school, when it was time to take a test. The protocol is that all students will turn off their phones and place it in their backpacks. They then move their backpacks to the back of the room. This time, however, that protocol is what helped a thief. When the daughter went to retrieve her phone from her backpack, it was missing. All because she followed directions. (Though, the thief did text her mom back for her.)

A bar’s security staff told a crew of drunken people to leave because they were “causing trouble.” One member of that crew was a drunken white man. That drunken white man knocked over a sandwich board in front of a bar and proceeded to ball his hand into a fist and assault a black man, as well as throw racial slurs at him, telling him to “suck [his] dick.” Officers were right there witnessing, however, so they stopped him from doing anything else stupid and arrested him for assault.
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