The Docket: 12/2

Strange, but true: Dayton’s police blotter, reported verbatim

Researched and reported by Charles Grove

Spidey senses
A 23-year-old man was arrested on domestic violence and aggravated menacing charges after spending the night at the home of his pregnant girlfriend. After being bitten by what he believed was a spider, the man flipped out, pouring dry insecticide all over the couch. His girlfriend told him to stop, which enraged him even more. He flipped the couch and punched the female multiple times in the face before storming out of the house with her prenatal vitamins, claiming he was going to kill his girlfriend’s brother. No news on if they’re still together.

Eco fiend-ly
A 58-year-old construction worker was on a job site when he was assaulted by another man who apparently did not like the worker’s use of fuel. The man told police that after parking his dump truck and leaving the engine running, he walked across the job site and came back a few minutes later to find it had been shut off. The man asked another man nearby if he had shut his truck off to which the suspect replied, “Yes I did,” before punching the man in the face and driving away from the scene.

Writing a wrong
An 11-year-old boy was caught spray-painting the words “Sucks dick” on a garage door by a neighbor who happened to be walking down a nearby alley. The boy admitted to police he had found the spray can and sprayed the words on the garage door. Police called the boy’s mother at work, who claimed her 11-year-old son is constantly in trouble and she is “at her wit’s end.” The boy faces criminal damaging charges.

That escalated quickly…
(1) Dayton Police were dispatched on an assault call that occurred between roommates. A 27-year-old female called police after she got into bed in her dorm room and asked her roommate to turn off the light. The roommate then jumped on top of the female and punched her in the face about six times before fleeing the building. When police arrived, the female’s cheeks appeared to be swollen. An employee of the building who witnessed the incident gave a similar story but the roommate wasn’t found at the time.

(2) (Dayton Police responded to a call at 7:50 a.m. regarding a fight in an apartment that apparently had been going on since 3 a.m. Reports claimed there was blood everywhere. A 51-year-old woman had apparently taken issue with her male friend not wanting to have sex with her. After police arrived, they found the man had received a cut in the back of his head after the female threw a coffee cup at him. He also suffered from multiple scratch marks and a laceration to his finger. The female had lacerations across her neck, where she tried cutting herself after being turned down. The female was highly intoxicated and transported to Miami Valley Hospital.

Giving ’em the slip
Officers tracked down a woman in Dayton who had an active warrant out for her arrest. After police had made contact with her and informed her she was going to jail, the woman asked the officers if she could put on a bra and underwear before leaving with them. Officers allowed this and she led them upstairs, grabbed the garments and told officer she would change in the bathroom. After not hearing the woman in the bathroom for some time, officers broke down the door only to find she had escaped out the second-story window, gotten in her car and fled the house, still bra-less.

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