The Docket: 12/23

Strange, but true: Dayton’s police blotter, reported verbatim

Researched and reported by Charles Grove

The following is a collection of real police reports from Christmas past, filed on Christmas Day on various years right here in the Miami Valley.

Roast his chestnuts
At 8 p.m. on Christmas, undercover officers located a known male prostitute loitering downtown. After driving past a number of times and making eye contact, the officer pulled into a parking lot and the man walked over. The man said he just wanted to be with someone for the evening and that he had a hotel room set up. The officer then told the prostitute he wanted to give him head and asked him how much that would cost. The prostitute said all he needed was $4. Police then arrested the man and noted this was the third time in 10 months this undercover officer had been involved in a sting with this man.

Wholesome family stories
(1) A 16-year-old female went to her uncle’s house on Christmas so she could speak to her mother. Upon arriving at the home, the uncle came outside and confronted his niece telling her not to “start shit.” The uncle eventually got his niece out of his yard by slamming the gate on her legs three times. The uncle’s girlfriend then came outside calling the niece’s great-grandmother a “cunt,” which caused a fight between the two where the niece suffered several scratch marks to her face. The uncle and girlfriend faced assault and domestic violence charges.

(2) A 34-year-old mother brought her son over to her son’s father’s house to see him on Christmas, but the father wasn’t there. The family decided to wait for him in the car. The father showed up 20 minutes later, came up the driver’s side window and began punching the mother. He yelled at her that he was upset at having been removed from her home and accused of physically abusing the son. After punching the mother, the father and another man began punching the mother’s new boyfriend, who had also come along.

Get this man some presents!
The owner of a local car wash called police on Christmas because a number of the vacuums at his business had been damaged. A man caught on video apparently had a hankering for opening things on Christmas because he was seen opening numerous vacuums to get access to the change. One of the vacuums was completely knocked off the concrete base and was lying on the pavement. The property damage was estimated at $500, not including the cost of the electrician who had to come out to rewire the vacuums back up to the coin-operated system.

Hoe! Hoe! Hoe!
Undercover officers picked up a woman walking back and forth on a block after being dropped off at a gas station by a male. The woman was nervous getting into the car and told the officer to “drive out of the hot area” and “hide in plain sight.” The officer told the prostitute he was nervous as well, saying he had been arrested for picking up an undercover cop in the past. The story reassured the prostitute, who then agreed upon a $20 blowjob and said, “You might want to tip me when I’m done!” Officers pulled over the car and arrested the woman, who told officers that she knew the driver and was just getting a ride home.

Head full of sugarplums
Officers responded to a complaint about a woman knocking on doors at an address she had been removed from. When an officer responded to the scene, the woman had left but was still on the sidewalk walking away. The officer waited for his partner to arrive, during which time he witnessed the woman knocking on another door and aimlessly walking through people’s yards. When backup arrived, they made contact with the woman, who balled up her fists and punched one of the officers in the jaw while calling the two “white bitches.” Once finally in the car, the woman also told police she would kill them both.

Someone’s getting coal
Officers pulled over a driver turning onto U.S. Route 35 after he failed to use his turn signal. The man, who was visibly shaking when approached during the traffic stop, told officers he had just left his girlfriend’s house and was heading home. One of the officers ran his information while the other observed from the rear passenger side of the man’s car. The man made several moves inside his pocket, so the officers patted him down for fear of a weapon. But during the search, a bag containing seven caps of heroin fell out. The suspect put his head down and said, “I’m going to jail, aren’t I?”

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Charles Grove
Reach DCP Docket Editor Charles Grove at

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