The Docket: 12/30

Strange, but true: Dayton’s police blotter, reported verbatim

Researched and reported by Charles Grove

Cracking the case
(1) Numerous officers were called to an entrance ramp along U.S. Route 35 where a man was overdosing on heroin. Two citizens noticed the man passed out and attempted to get inside the vehicle, eventually busting out one of his windows, which awakened the man, who then tried to flee. Police arrived and recovered syringes and heroin. Police asked the man if he had anything else on him and the man said he had put two Percocets inside of his “butt crack.” Officers searched, but found nothing.

(2) Officers were conducting surveillance at a known drug house when they witnessed a woman enter and then return to her vehicle five minutes later. Officers followed her and then eventually pulled her over after failing to signal multiple times. When the officer spoke to the woman, the officer noticed three crack cocaine rocks sitting on her mid thigh. The woman immediately blamed it on another woman who she told officers must have placed the crack on her thigh, but officers told her that was a lie since they had been watching her ever since she went into the drug house. The woman now faces felony drug charges.

That time of the month
Officers were called to a nearby casino on the report of a disgruntled female guest who was intoxicated and causing property damage. When officers arrived and approached her, she got angry and began screaming, “I’m pissed I lost all my money! I’m going to break all your shit! I don’t care if I go to jail! You can go ahead and shoot me. I don’t have any guns, I’m unarmed!” When officers tried to put her in the car she fell to the ground, managed to wiggle her pants down and yelled, “I’m on my period and I didn’t give a fuck!” Officers eventually had to mace her to get her into the car.

No thanks officer, I’m sleepy
Officers responded to a domestic violence report called in by neighbors who said they were tired of the physical fighting next door. Officers went next door and found a 33-year-old female crying with three large knots on her forehead. Officers then went upstairs to talk to the husband who was now in bed. They told the husband they were investigating a domestic violence case and he said, “So? I am going to sleep.” The wife then told police he had hit her but didn’t want him to go to jail because he was just drunk, but police told her they had no choice but to arrest him. The man didn’t go quietly, yelling at officers, “I don’t give a fuck because I’m an ex-Navy SEAL!”

Chivarly is not dead
A 24-year-old female bartender called police after a man to whom she had been serving drinks stole money from the bar’s tip jar. The man apparently had been flirting with the woman all night and gave her his name and phone number. Later in the evening, as the woman began counting her tips, the man asked her for a shot of vodka and the man stole the money out of the tip jar as her back. The woman called the number the man gave her and it was a working number. The man came back down and gave back some of the money before fleeing the scene.

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