The Docket: 12/9

Strange, but true: Dayton’s police blotter, reported verbatim

Researched and reported by Charles Grove

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What’s in a name?
An officer pulled over a vehicle for having a cracked windshield. The driver of the car had no identification and claimed to not remember his social security number, so the officer took him to the cruiser to verify his identity. The two other passengers said the driver’s name was Andy Johnson*. The driver eventually told police that he uses his stepbrother’s information when he drives, but the two passengers, not knowing he told police that, were adamant the driver’s name was Andy Johnson. All three had outstanding warrants and now all three also face obstructing official business charges, as well.

*Names have been changed for this story

Separation anxiety
Officers responded to a domestic dispute when a 37-year-old female called police claiming she had been assaulted and robbed by her ex-boyfriend, who, since they broke up, has a history of harassing her and her daughter. The male, apparently, wouldn’t leave her property and grabbed her car keys out of her car after choking the female. The female followed the male, but the male again shoved her to the ground, choked her and threw her cell phone. A neighbor allowed her to call police, who found the male walking in the area. The male said he didn’t have the keys but could show officers where they were, even though the keys were in his pocket. He faces unarmed robbery charges.

Real mature
Officers pulled over a vehicle that was driving at night without any headlights on. The officers found out the driver of the vehicle was driving under suspension and subsequently wrote the driver a citation. When handed the citation, the driver told police he did not want it, instead telling the officer to throw it on the ground. The officer refused, and the driver said he would then throw it on the ground. The officer told the man he would be charged with littering if he did that. Officers also asked the man to step out of the car since it needed to be towed, but the man would only respond with “No.” Officers had to remove him from the car with his arm hooked through the steering wheel.

Early bird
A 32-year-old female was charged with criminal trespassing after getting off a bus downtown and staggering toward a trash can to throw away an empty wine bottle. Officers noted she was unable to stand on her own and she smelled of alcohol. Officers asked for her ID, and she needed assistance in retrieving it from her purse. Officers later learned this is the third time the woman had to be removed from RTA property. She was taken into jail where she became uncooperative. This all occurred at 9:37 a.m.

The punchline
Police responded to a Dayton comedy club on reports of a drunk and disorderly person. The intoxicated female was handcuffed and taken out of the club where officers waited with her for a friend to pick her up and take her home. After a few minutes, her friend arrived. Officers uncuffed her and the female was about to head home, but she instead swung at one of the officers, hitting him on the top of his head. The female was then handcuffed again and taken to jail by police van, where officers had to ride with her in the back for her own safety.

S**t moms do
A female complainant turned right at a traffic light in front of another female, apparently, not quickly enough. The second female (the suspect) raced past the complainant in the left lane. Both ended up in a bank parking lot. The suspect began screaming and hurling insults at the complainant, who then wrote down the license plate number. Officers made contact with the suspect’s son who, when asked if his mom has a temper while driving, immediately began laughing. Officers eventually made phone contact with the suspect, who gave the same story as the female complainant.

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