The Docket 2/9/16

Dayton’s police blotter, reported verbatim

by Amanda Dee

Another woman deals with another creep

The female victim of unrelenting male advances summed the incident up concisely in her report: “I’ve asked the person to quit contacting me and sending text messages. He continues to send text messages and threats.” This is one recent case in a series of similar cases reported every day by all women everywhere.

Seeing starry nights

Officers noticed two white males fighting one another outside and decided they should probably check it out. They escorted the one male back to their cruiser, who “had blood coming from his nose and mouth.” The other man is the bouncer for the bar by which the incident occurred. According to the bouncer, the first man was pestering female patrons and refused to leave the bar per his request. When the bouncer was escorting the man out of the bar, they fell, which led to the brawl. According to the man, he was just smoking a cigarette with four women when the bouncer “sucker punched” him and knocked him unconscious. Just like that. He informed officers he did not bite anyone.  (When officers arrived on scene, there was “a piece of flesh on [the bouncer’s] right shoulder,” and he “was missing the lower part of his right ear.”)

But my goat was sick

A man had been on a walk with his friendly canine companion when another couple passed with their own German Shepherd companion. Both dogs were leashed, but the German Shepherd bit the man’s dog and then his own calf as he attempted to break the dogs apart from one another. The couple gave the man a card with one of their names on it then “took off down the street” after medics and police officers were called. The man wanted to press charges because they just left him there bleeding. When officers called the man who left his card, he picked up and hung up on them twice. The man eventually told officers he “left his bleeding victim at the scene because he had to get home to administer medicine to his ‘sick goat.’”

Lazy bird gets the worm

One of the employees at a banquet hall asked another to leave her position as the on-clock bartender to make a phone call in the office about logistics for the next day. Meanwhile, an envelope filled with approximately $400 in cash from the night was left for the taking. And a guest, in fact, took it. According to the report, “It is unknown why [the other employee] asked [the bartender] to step away from the bar to make a phone call that he could have made himself.”

Thefts From Last Night

An officer responded to a grand theft auto call. The victim reported that “her vehicle was taken sometime last night and she has no idea how.” The officer asked from where her car was taken, “as well as what she meant by ‘she did not know how it was taken.’” She said her car was taken from outside her apartment but she was too drunk to remember what happened. The officer said he really needed to know what happened, and she sighed before rehashing the events from last night: she was playing cards with an old friend and his family. According to the report, “everyone was drinking heavily and having a good time.” Later in the night, the woman and the old friend went back to her apartment, “where the two ‘hung out’ in her words” (thank you for your judgment, officer). She fell asleep and woke up the next day to a missing car, man and money. She then called the mother, who tried to call her son and see what his game was. (Though inconclusive, it appears the mother saved the day, since the man returned everything to the woman—minus the money … and trust.)

Go green

A mustachioed man walked into a store and went straight to the razor aisle, where he snagged $230-worth of razors. The suspect then left the store without paying for his good and fled the scene on a green bike.

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