The Docket: 3/15/16

Dayton’s police blotter, reported verbatim

by Amanda Dee

Now you saw me

Officers were called to the corner near a pawnshop to find a man sporting an Ohio State T-shirt “trying to sell a saw with a company logo on it.”  Officers were on the lookout for the man, who fled in a maroon Buick with the saw in tow. A passerby by the company’s work site informed one of the head construction workers to keep a sharper eye on their tools “because someone was on the street trying to sell a saw that had the company logo on it.” 

Shut up, Banksy 

Officers were called to a bar “on complaint of people writing on the walls inside.” By the time officers arrived, the suspects had escaped. Later that same evening, however, officers were again called because one of the suspects had returned to the bar. The bar manager described the suspect as a “white male with a red backpack and a gray scarf on his head.” According to the report, “The man was yelling to the crowd and trying to incite them against [the officers] and trying to bring attention to himself by screaming loudly for everyone to look.” Patrons did not let that stop them from continuing “with their evenings without involvement.”

Big league crime

Officers were called to a convenience store, where the assistant manager informed them a “heavy set” blond female pulled up to the scene in a gray hoodie and red shorts. She walked right up to the location of the gum and turned her back to the cash registers, slipping three packs up her sleeve. When one of the clerks walked by, the apparently hardened criminal put one of the packs back. When the cashier confronted the suspect about stealing chewing gum, she again put a pack back. According to the report, she left the premises with “one unknown brand pack of gum”—valued at a hefty $1.

Give me a break

Officers were again called to a convenience store, where the assistant manager reported a theft. Two men and a woman walked into the store. The woman and one of the men, dressed in a hoodie, slacks and sneakers, veered to the candy aisle and chatted with each other for “a brief moment.” The woman walked away, and the man started tucking in his shirt. According to the report, “The male then proceeded to grab several candy bars and stuff them inside his shirt.” After a pat-down and a recovery of the stolen merchandise, nine Kit Kat bars were returned to their rightful home.

You won’t like him when he’s thirsty

A man wearing a polka-dotted green jacket pretended he was talking on the phone in a convenience store. Prior to his charade, he had walked in and grabbed two 20-ounce sodas, a Pepsi and a Mountain Dew, from the cooler area. He then split without paying for the sodas—in a green vehicle driven by a woman with a “small child” in the backseat.

Don’t trust a beard

Two men entered a convenience store and left with five car chargers without paying (a grand total of $42). One of the men was wearing all tan everything and had a “full red beard.” The other man was also wearing tan pants but donned a black beanie. An employee had chased them and their stolen charges across the street into an alley, but wasn’t fast enough. The employee was not on scene when the officer arrived because he may have been too ashamed of his slow running speed.

Double whammy

A man who was just locked up downtown flagged down officers. He told them while he was downtown, his ex-girlfriend entered his mother’s home and stole his property, which included 50 bucks, a Michael Kors watch and Air Jordans. The theft must have occurred during the two days he was locked up. When he asked his brother about it, he told him he had in fact let his ex into their house “because she needed to grab something from his wallet.”

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