The trampoline getaway

A mom was letting her daughter play on her trampoline, until she told her daughter to come back inside. Later that day, the mom saw two boys take the trampoline and run away with it. The mom was furious because these boys had been known for causing trouble in the past. The mom called the police and informed them the direction in which the boys traveled. Officers arrived and scouted out the area. They pulled down a street and saw two boys matching the mom’s description enter the parking lot of a local business, so officers pursued. The boys used the trampoline to jump over a fence and escape.


A mom left for the grocery store while her two sons were outside playing basketball. While the sons were playing, one set his new iPhone 5S down because he didn’t want it to fly out of his pocket and shatter. He thought this was the safest option. When the boys’ mom returned, she asked them to help her carry groceries into the house. As the mom put groceries into a cabinet, she saw two teenage girls walk down the street; one stopped, then ran up and snagged the son’s phone. The two girls quickly fled the scene. The mom decided to take matters into her own hands. She texted her son’s stolen phone and tried to initiate negotiations with the girls. She told them to listen carefully: if they returned the phone, she wouldn’t call police or press charges, but they had a limited window to submit to her demands. If they agreed, they could all go about their lives like nothing happened—happy go lucky, even. The girls didn’t respond in a timely manner, so the mom contacted police to bring the hammer of justice down on the phone thieves.

What are children for?

A mother’s son had heart surgery, and she let him stay with her while he recovered. She had kicked him out before, but took pity while he was healing. One night, her son asked if he could borrow her Buick to visit friends. She said no and went to bed. The next morning, she noticed her debit card was missing. She decided to go to the bank and cancel the card, but then noticed her car was also missing. After some time, police arrived to collect information on the incident, and she told the officer that only her sister and her son knew the pin to her debit card. The mom guessed that it was her deadbeat son, not her sister. The officer assigned a detective and went out to finish the report. Some money was missing from the mom’s bank account. Luckily, the officer found her car, but it was missing one tire. The mom thought that when she found her son, he’d be missing a lot more than a tire once she was done with him.

My pills!

A man came back from a pharmacy with some of his medication. He took two pills, set the bottle on his dresser, and then grabbed his laundry and left his room. He went to the basement to take care of the laundry, and when he returned to his room, his pill bottle was gone. He knew he left it on the dresser only a moment ago, but he didn’t see anyone nearby. He called officers to file a report of a break-in. When an officer arrived, she asked the man if the building was an apartment. The man said it wasn’t, but that others still lived there, like his roommates. He stressed the severity of the situation by reminding the officer, “Someone took pills!”

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