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Dayton’s police blotter, reported verbatim

By Amanda Dee

When the chips are right
At a nearby food factory, the officer on scene was “watching the prize being a dumpster full of expired product.” The officer reported, “People will destroy [the] fencing to get to these chips.” The officer told another officer to be on the lookout for “a man on a bike carrying a large bag” a few businesses away from the location, just in case. It was time for the officer to clock out, so he left, then decided to drive past the factory one last time. That’s when he saw a man walk away from the “prize” dumpster and jump back over the fence. When the officer yelled at the man to stop, he did not listen.

Jerking my chain
At about 4 p.m., a woman entered a convenience store and walked straight toward the bathroom. “She was in there for a while,” according to the report. A man passed the time waiting for his turn by reading a magazine. Attentive to the lengthy bathroom break, an employee was watching her as she left the bathroom, picked up an energy drink—and two sticks of beef jerky—and bounced. To a man and a red mustang. When the employee approached them in their ride, she told the male driver what the woman had just done (though she denied it). The man returned the energy drink, and they drove off with their sticks of meat.

Stay thirsty, my friends
Two men of various builds walked into a convenience store. They were both tall, but one was “thin” and the other was not as thin and less tall. The other one also sported a green jacket and a mole on his face. The duo apparently picked up a bottle of Gatorade, a can of Red Bull and two bottles of Mountain Dew (presumably, one for each buddy). As they were leaving with their goods, one of them dropped $1.20 on the counter and said, “Here you go.” They sped off in a blue ’89 Ford Thunderbird. One of the employees of the store, however, managed to get a photo, in which one of the men “held up the bottle of Gatorade that he had just taken and smiled and laughed about the incident.”

Bank job
A family called in a theft. The woman said she went out with a friend at about 7 p.m. When she returned around 11:30 that same night, the kitchen window was propped open, lights were on and the backdoor was also open. She called her husband, and they scoped the scene to see what was stolen. Only an expired credit card and a TV were stolen… The husband said it’s “odd” because he “has a lot of expensive tools, a large Star Wars collection, an old camera collection and a large collection of alcohol” ripe for the taking.

It’s not easy being green
A woman requested an officer speak to her over the phone for this case. When the woman started her conversation with the officer, she told him it had started just like any other morning. She gathered the trash and recycling and went to the alley to take it out. That’s when she realized it wasn’t like any other day. Her city recycling can was nowhere to be found. (The officer drove by the alley to verify the can was indeed nowhere to be found because, you know, kids these days.)

Family matters
The employee at the scene of the crime, a convenience store, started telling the responding officer what happened. Two women walked in and took five plush blankets and two tall picture frames. The plush blankets and picture frames totaled to $99. They stashed the items in a corner for easy get-away. But how they will divide the five plush blankets between them remains unsolved.

Officers rushed to a burglary in progress. When they arrived and spoke to the caller, he said he has known this man “for approximately three to six months” before the incident. The man said the other man came over today “so the two of them could hang out,” according to the report. Then, the man guided the officers over to debris, broken glass and two shattered picture frames. This was the result of one $10 bill, the man explained. The man he knew for three or four or five or six months had taken the money and when the man confronted him about it, he shouted “You’re not keeping me in this house!”

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