The Docket: 4/19/16

Dayton’s police blotter, reported verbatim

By Amanda Dee

Drunk bully at the party

The victim heard a knock at the door and invited the knockers, her two friends, in, though she only knew the first name of the one friend. The friend whose first and last name she knew started shouting at her, while the first-name woman “said something unintelligible and then left.” She was confused, as she didn’t know why exactly her friend was screaming and didn’t want to disturb her neighbors, so she went to shut the door and ask her to not disturb her entire floor. The “friend” with the first and last name didn’t like that so much. The “friend” blocked the door with her foot and would not leave. When the victim shouted to a neighbor for help, the “friend” “smacked” her in the face. The victim feared her glasses would break. “Based on her actions and demeanor” and knowledge that the “friend” does drink alcohol, the victim believed her “friend” was intoxicated.

Not so friendly ghost

While on patrol, an officer was dispatched to the scene of a theft. Upon arrival, he spoke with one of the victims, who informed the officer his wife was doing laundry in the basement when the power went out. Under cover of darkness, the electric meter and its cover had been taken. When police investigated the yard, garage and alley behind the house, they couldn’t see any stolen items or lingering souls.

We get it, you smoke

The suspect sought out a neighborhood smoke shop, and the triggered alarm and disarray at the scene gave the act away. By the time police arrived to the shop, a stand for holding merchandise was knocked to the floor, where plastic cigarette holders and a few packs also lay wounded. Cigarette cartoons behind the counter were missing. Two more breakings and enterings of smoke shops occurred close to the time of this one.  After processing video footage, the suspect appears to be hiding under a large dark hoodie (and cloud of smoke).


An officer responded to a call of a breaking and entering. The complainant informed the officer that the suspect had broken into their detached garage, evident by the propped-open door to the garage when she awoke that morning. She said she’s never had a lock on her door and hasn’t had anything like this happen before. The doors were not only unlocked, but also, as the officer observed, made of wood and “very easy to slide the doors open.” The “texture of the rough wood” also rendered the gathering of fingerprints impossible. The suspect rolled away with two lawn mowers.

PSA: Pls lock doors

The caller reported the suspect had stolen her grandson’s medication at some point that day. When the officer arrived to gather more intel, she didn’t provide many more details besides the fact that it was during the day and someone had entered their home to procure the medication. When the officer asked how someone could have gotten in, she said the back door stays open and is presently without a lock. (The officer may have wondered how anyone could sleep in that house at night with any peace of mind, given the easy access to all of the family’s most important items, like medication and family members.)

Anger mismanagement

An officer was dispatched on a criminal damaging complaint call. When he arrived on site, he did in fact confirm the criminal damaging: Glass lay strewn across the street, and it appeared the suspect had broken a windowpane on the fifth floor of the building. The officer also noted that it appeared the suspect had not only broken the window, but had thrown the windowpane off that floor to the streets below. The glass is cleaned up, but there is no video surveillance and an angry suspect still fuming somewhere in the city.


According to the citizen report, the suspect, or at least the theft, was “petty.” Loose change appeared to be the only missing items from the vehicle.  As described in the report, “The car was left in a poor state, with trash strewn about,” which seems a little rude.

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