The Docket: 4/26/16

Dayton’s police blotter, reported verbatim

By Amanda Dee


A man called in and reported his fence damaged by a neighbor—and the victim highly suspects “the neighbor had purposefully run into his fence using an ATV or a four wheeler of some sort.” When officers examined the fence, they confirmed it was indeed damaged, with supports broken and siding torn off.  The victim then showed officers “what appeared to be tire tracks that led from the damaged portion of the fence through the dirt yard and out towards the alley,” which contributed to both the victim and the officers’ hunches. The caller said he also witnessed “multiple people” working on a four-wheeler across the street.

Steal one, get one free

A woman was invited over to her neighbors’ house for drinks. She accepted the invitation and went over, as did one of the neighbors’ friends. While at the house, she remembered having her cell phone on her. But when she went to pick her kids up from school, she realized her cell phone was missing. According to the report, “She was positive she had the phone.” Another woman had a similar theft report, and she knocked on the first woman’s door only to realize they were in the same boat.


Officers were called to a resident garage, the scene of a breaking and entering. The suspect was reported as white with “short sandy hair with the outer hair intact but the middle hair missing (male pattern baldness) and was unshaven.” When speaking with the victim, she informed the officer the suspect was so startled when he spotted her, he “opened his eyes wide which she noted to be blue” before screaming, surprised and fleeing her garage. When the victim inspected her garage and car that was in said garage, the only things she determined missing were several servings of cereal.

Suspicious male

Police officers arrived on scene to address “a suspicious male” lingering near the front entrance of a store. Near the “suspicious male” rested a weed trimmer, which had been stolen, according to the slow start. An employee said, “Hey, did he pay for that?” and the report explains, “Of course he did not.” The suspect was “tall and thin with a goatee and long scraggly hair.” He was also riding a bike and “may or may not have had on a hat or bandana.”

Bang, bang

Some TVs were stolen. When officers arrived on scene, they cleared the house, which was now empty and spoke with the complainant, who is a neighbor/family friend of the victim family. When officers spoke with the neighbor about what had transpired, he reported that he had heard a “banging noise outside,” which led him to peek over and call police. Also, the fact that when he turned on the light on the porch, a white female was there, startled and ran away.

Like stealing candy…

Officers were called to a convenience store, where a boy was repeatedly stealing candy (because he is a boy and if it’s that easy to steal candy repeatedly, I’m not saying why not but why not). However, the employee of the store was concerned because this time the boy stole a basket of food.

Hung out to dry

An officer made contact with the caller, who informed officers a suspect broke into her apartment and stole approximately 50 hangers and a couple of air fresheners. The caller told them this started happening at a more frequent rate and the items are typically of a household nature. She doesn’t know how the suspect is entering because there is no sign of forced entry and she locks up every night.

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