The Docket: 5/17/16

Dayton’s police blotter, reported verbatim

By Amanda Dee

I still love college

A man called in to report a breaking and entering—in his vacant building. He allowed a woman to stay there while she was hunting for an apartment after securing a new job. The woman woke up and went to work, and she noticed someone had “pried the front wooden entrance door but never actually made it inside.” Someone had gouged out pieces of the wood. She told the man she was “so drunk that she did not hear anything at all” the night before.

Fail safe

Officers were dispatched to a building suite on a theft call. The director of the company located at the suite told the responding officers that, within a day of securing the money, the suspect stole a little more than $700 and 47 cents from the business’s safe. Three employees have access to the safe. This wasn’t the first rodeo, though. The director shared that someone had already stolen hundreds of dollars from the safe in the past. That time, she said, the business did not file a report. They also have yet to change the combination for the safe after three and a half years and two previous employees still can access the safe.


A white man, a white woman and a black man walked into a bar. The group ordered more than $80-worth of drinks and food. The black man approached the counter and asked the employee stationed there if he could smoke outside. The man then walked to the patio. The white man and woman made a move to join their friend but ran past the counter and out the front door, as their friend jumped the fence and kept on running. The responding officer said, “[The woman] is known to me because I recently arrested her.”

Yeah, I work out

Officers responded to a burglary report. Once they arrived on the scene, they spoke with the complainant, who informed them his plasma TV had been snatched, along with a streaming device attached to the back of the TV. The complainant made sure to explain he was at the gym earlier in the night, possibly for hours, so he had to shower when he returned home. The man believes the suspect stole the TV during his brief shower after his long workout. (The man’s two roommates were useless, hearing nothing when the burglary transpired.)

Men are dogs, dogs aren’t baseballs

A domestic dispute was called in to the station. When officers arrived, they spoke with the female victim, who told them the male suspect kidnapped their three-month-old pup the day prior. Then, the day of her report, the woman was sitting passenger side in her friend’s car when the man approached her. According to the report, he “came up and threw the dog like a baseball at her.” He told her she could have her dog back. (She and the dog were OK, but I have some words for that man.)

He was No. 1

An unknown person spray-painted a side of the complainant’s building. In blue, Gothic lettering, the tag read, “RIP Joe” across 10 feet by 4 feet of wall space.

Dolly Larcen 

A man called in to report a woman, who had stolen money from him. The man told officers he invited a woman he didn’t know over to his house because she had two kids and needed help. The man noted that the suspect appeared to go to bed around 10 p.m. but got up pretty quickly, saying she had to zap some of the chicken they purchased at a fast food restaurant earlier. When the man went into the kitchen to check in, the door to the apartment was open and the woman and the chicken were gone, along with more than $100 from the man’s wallet. The woman was skinny, 5-feet-9-inches tall, with short black hair, donning a pink dress and white boots.

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