The Docket: 5/24/16

Dayton’s police blotter, reported verbatim

by Amanda Dee

Get back out of the kitchen

A man went to sleep one night and awoke in the wee hours of the morning to a woman in his apartment. Although that might sound like a good thing to some, the man told the responding officers she lives on his floor somewhere but hasn’t come over in about a month. The woman “was making a sandwich in his kitchen,” according to the report. When the man asked her what she was doing makinga sandwich in his kitchen, she told him the door was open. Once she left, he noticed $200 missing from his kitchen table.

‘Cause all I want to do is…

A “highly intoxicated male” told officers he went to check on some of his friends in the lounge of a bar, when two men assaulted him. The man explained, “he rode his bicycle up to the bar when he received a call from friends, requesting his presence.” The two friends he mentioned were also pretty intoxicated but described one suspect as “short” and one as “tall,” both wearing jeans and white T-shirts. According to the report, the man “did not seem interested in filing a report.” The suspects appeared to have busted his lip and added a few small cuts to his face, “but he refused medics saying he would ride his bicycle to the hospital.”


An officer arrived to the scene of the crime, where the victim informed the officer his white cast aluminum Victorian ice cream table and two matching “ice cream-style” chairs were stolen from the front porch. The set was stolen at some point in the middle of the night. “I took a picture of a picture that showed the chairs,” the officer reported. “They are very unique … It is a very nice set and will probably be set aside to sell to employees at the scrap yard.” Metal detectives are on the case.

Cat in the hat

The victim called in a criminal damaging complaint. She reported that a suspect broke into her vehicle and doesn’t know if anything was stolen. The woman last checked her vehicle at about midnight before she went to sleep but awoke a few hours later because her dogs started barking. When she looked outside, she noticed a cat but nothing else out of the ordinary. When her husband left the house for work that morning, he found a knit skullcap on the ground next to her car. The driver door was chipped and it didn’t look as if the suspect made entry into the woman’s car, but maybe the suspect wants their hat back.

Checked out

A woman called in to report a theft from her car. When officers arrived, she brought them behind the building and directed them to the parking lot, where she usually parks her car. The only thing missing was her purse. According to the woman, there was nothing of value inside the purse, just some checks with a chocolate lab on the checkbook cover and racecar driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. printed on said checks (and some paperwork from her doctor’s office).

Cheap date

A couple ordered chicken wings, an extra large pizza and beer. Although this sounds like the perfect date, it wasn’t for the waitress. The couple didn’t pay their bill and fled the restaurant on foot. When the waitress attempted to confront one of the dine-and-dashers, also chasing on foot, they increased their pace to a run. The waitress has never seen them before and probably isn’t thrilled with the tip.

The buddy bunch

Two officers were dispatched to a grocery store, where an employee told them she witnessed two thefts. Although the suspects did not enter the store together, they stole together. She described the two suspects: One was white, about 5-foot-11 and 160 pounds, while the other was black, about exactly the same height and weight. Both suspects were wearing white button-downs, baseball hats and tennis shoes. The suspects took “a bunch of meat, as well as beer,” as cited by the report (possibly for a guys night in).
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Amanda Dee
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