The Docket: 6/23

Dayton’s police blotter, reported verbatim

Researched and reported by Amanda Dee

Subtlety is an art

Dayton Police were monitoring a website known to have prostitution ads and found one in the Dayton area. The ad read, “Hey fellas! I’m back and ready for you! Hot, horny, and cumming back for more! As always, excellent references and a clean, safe, hosting environment. $60 a half hour. Open menu (anal extra). I’m so tight, but dripping wet for you!” Officers texted the listed number and set up a time to meet. She was arrested for soliciting. The female told officers she solicited to help with her drug habit and had been with 50 men during the past six months.

Police tell on kids

Police were called after three juveniles walked out on the bill at a spaghetti establishment. And this wasn’t their first heist. A week before, the three bounced after racking up a $100 tab. This time, though, officers caught them hiding behind the restaurant and told their moms. One of the three said he really, really wanted to pay the bill but realized he didn’t have his wallet after they had all already eaten. Right before leaving the restaurant, one of the three had an allergic reaction to the food she had eaten there, and a medic was called to the scene.

Thieves have bad days, too

A woman reported a hit and run that damaged her father’s car. She said she heard the slam of the car door and saw a white male in his 30s or 40s next to the car. When she ran outside, she watched helplessly as the man rode off on the bike—or attempted to. After falling over, he finally made his escape. She guessed he was intoxicated because he struggled to ride a bike. The woman realized the struggling thief had broken one of the mirrors and stolen her prescription medication that had been in the unlocked (oops) car. If you see a white middle-aged man teetering his way along on a bike with a backpack and duffle bag, that’s the guy. Or it’s a different drunk guy.

Pulp fiction

A woman reported a waitress stole $20 from her at a diner. When officers arrived, they spoke with the woman, who said she was at the diner then left to meet a friend who gave her a $20 bill. When she came back to the restaurant, the waitress said she needed to see the money before taking her order and, according to the woman’s story, never returned it. This claim was disproven after speaking with the waitress and checking video footage that clearly showed otherwise. Thirty seconds after the officers walked out of the diner, the waitress ran out and said the woman had threatened her. The officer asked her what the woman’s exact words were. She said she made eye contact with her and said softly, “I’m going to beat your ass.”

One in every family

An aunt was giving her nephew a ride to work, when the mood suddenly changed. The two got into an argument, which led the aunt to unbuckle her nephew’s seatbelt and tell him to get out. He initially refused (possibly because the vehicle was still moving at the time) then conceded, saying he would get out at the next intersection. Once the car stopped, the nephew got out and said, “I got something for ya” before kicking his aunt’s Ford Fiesta. The aunt’s boyfriend visited the nephew at work and asked him why, why did he kick his aunt’s innocent Ford Fiesta? The nephew wouldn’t say why. Just that he did it.


A 42-year-old woman was home alone when a man in a yellow safety vest—and nothing else underneath—knocked on the front door. He walked away but came back a few minutes later and knocked again. Then, he tried to jimmy open the door. When really wanting the door to open didn’t work, he tried to get in through the kitchen window. (Police were already on their way after the first attempt.) When that didn’t work for him, he broke in through the basement window, and the homeowner ran out the front to wait until police arrived. The officers on call could not find the man in the house, and it appeared he had escaped out the back, through the woods. Upon finding the suspect, the police report said, “He was shirtless, breathing hard and extremely sweaty.” The neighbors confirmed the same man in the yellow safety vest without anything underneath approached them in their homes “asking to do leaky basement work.”

Family business

A couple in their 60s went to sleep at around 10 on a Sunday night. The man took off his pants and took out his keys, wallet and cash from the pockets and put them on the dresser. When they awoke the following day, everything was in its right place and the woman decided she wanted to take a bath. That’s when someone knocked on the door. That someone was the woman’s son and the man’s step son. He asked where his mother was, and the man told him she was in the bathroom. The man went to work on something on his computer while the son hung out in the living room for five minutes before, according to the police report, he muttered, “he had something to do” and left. When the woman left the bathroom refreshed, she asked if her son was there. When her husband said yes, she went back to the bedroom to check the money. It was gone.

Missing: Razor scooter

Someone walked up to a back porch, stole a Razor scooter and rode away.

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