The Docket: 5/3/16

Dayton’s police blotter, reported verbatim

By Amanda Dee

Breaking up is hard to do

A woman was working her shift at a grocery store. Once her shift ended, she returned to her car only to learn someone had broken into it and stolen her wallet. The suspect had opened one of her rear passenger windows, which probably wasn’t too difficult given that the window was already broken and held up with a screwdriver and tape. The tape lay on the ground near the window. The victim told the responding officers that she “believed beyond a doubt her ex-girlfriend was the one that had stolen her property.” She repeatedly called and texted her ex to confront her about robbing her most essential items from her, but to no text-back.

Eye of the tiger

An officer was dispatched on a theft complaint. The complainant told the officer she was hosting a get-together when one of her guests got drunk. Once the party ended, the complainant and her boyfriend went inside, thinking everyone was gone. The suspect then returned to the porch and rummaged through and ransacked the tools on it, which belonged to both the complainant and her neighbor, who shared the porch with her. Officers hunted the suspect down and booked him in jail. The complainant was wearing a Bengals sweatshirt, which he had worn to the party and during the theft, and the suspect happend to have the same last name as the complainant, no relation.

Shady’s back

An officer was called to a convenience store. One of the store employees told the officer she had been walking toward the beauty product aisle, when she noticed a man “stuffing something down the front of his jean shorts.” She reported the first thing the suspect said was “there isn’t anything down my pants.” He walked toward the store exit, and she walked with him. He gave her a curling iron box, which was empty. The man just walked out past the cash register, never taking anything out of his pants. The man had a goatee.


A store employee told the reporting officer an “unknown white male” entered the store in the evening and went straight to the automotive aisle. There, the suspect pocketed a tire gauge. Then, the suspect, with tire gauge still in pocket, approached the counter and asked the employee to use the bathroom. The “unknown white male” went into the bathroom, and another employee suspected something was fishy. After the man left the store without making a purchase, the first employee ran after him and demanded the tire gauge, to which the suspect responded he used it to smoke crack and left it in the bathroom. But the male said he didn’t have any money, so he couldn’t pay (sry).

Picking on those not your own size

The complainant, an adult male, reported to officers that he got into an argument with “approximately two to six kids” in his front yard. The man said he thought one of the kids may have pulled out a gun and said, “We’ll shoot up your house.” The complainant then went back inside his house, but someone threw a rock at his window. When he ran back outside, he stepped on a piece of glass, making his foot bleed. According to the reporting officer, “While speaking with him he had an odor of an alcoholic beverage on his persons, he was also very loud and belligerent. He also made several remarks to the fact that he had a ‘Glock 40’ and would protect his house if he needed to.” When the officers spoke to the complainant’s roommate, he also smelled a little boozy. Both could not recall what instigated the argument. When the officers tracked down the two juveniles who had engaged in the argument, they said the two men had insulted one of their girlfriends, and they told the men to be nicer. The officers cited one of the kids for breaking curfew.

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