The Docket: 5/31/16

Dayton’s police blotter, reported verbatim

By Amanda Dee

Another mutant spider

A manager reported that her business “was possibly broken into” the day before. She deduced this because she could not open the safe, money was inside the safe and it seemed “someone climbed the office wall.” It also looked like someone tampered with the drywall after climbing the wall. When the manager tried once more to the open the safe, it still would not open. Officers responded and picked up a small shirt lying on top of the safe and also deduced that someone had possibly broken in, since the back of the safe had been pried open and was empty.

Breaking a nail and entering

The complainant called officers after a male walked into the store and right to the aisle where the clippers resided. He examined the clippers then proceeded to steal the clippers. Before she contacted police, however, the complainant attempted to chase down the suspect herself. An off-duty officer attempted to come to her assistance, as well, to no avail. The suspect was white, wearing dark clothes.

Family matters

The caller, well the first one, reported a “disorderly subject,” who also happened to be his sister. He said she was threatening him. A second call reported the first caller for stealing a pair of shoes. When officers arrived to the scene of the two calls, the second caller ran to the cruiser, shouting, “You already let him get away.” This caller was “minimally compliant” during interview, according to the report. She told them her brother had stolen a pair of LeBron James shoes from her home without asking. She shared with officers she didn’t know where he went and no additional information about the shoes that might help resolve the matter.

Your ass is grass

The complainant reported a man in the alley behind her shed. She said she just so happened to peek outside when a man was canoodling with her lawn mower without her permission. When she confronted him, he said he was just there to mow the neighbor’s lawn. But the neighbors mowed their lawn yesterday, according to the complainant. The man then pushed the mower into her yard and left.


A man started “throwing punches” at his sister. According to the report, he never “connected” with any of the said punches. He then started arguing with the other people he was with. When officers arrived at the scene, a gas station, the man refused to listen to their instructions and police had to handcuff him and bring him into the cruiser. The man kept telling them to talk to his sister. When officers did talk to his sister, she said, “She did not want to be responsible for him since he was so drunk.” Sadly, according to the report, she was just trying to “show him a good time.”

So a man with an axe walks into a bar…

When officers arrived at a bar, they asked the suspect about bringing an axe on site. The suspect stated, “It was in the past and does not matter.” One of the officers inhaled a “heavy odor of alcohol coming from [the suspect’s] breath at this time,” leading him to deduce the suspect was intoxicated. The suspect’s four other friends left upon request by officers, but that didn’t stop the suspect, who refused to leave and was cited with public intoxication instead of just leaving scot-free feeling a little bit silly.

Ain’t the first rodeo 

When a maintenance worker at an apartment complex stopped by one of the tenants’ apartments and noticed damage around the outside trim around the door, he asked the tenant file a police report—to the man’s inconvenience. The suspect had attempted to break in between 4 and 6 p.m. that evening, when the victim was not at home. The victim hesitated to call the police because he has requested their assistance for prior break-in attempts with no police response. “This ain’t my first rodeo on the East Side,” he further explained.

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